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The Christian Conservatives Network: Reboot

The Christian Conservatives domain name and mission statement was chosen intentionally to oppose Christian Democrats .


An Open Letter to My Trump and Cruz Friends

This isn’t an “us vs them” in the sense of Facebook vitriol and insults (seeking only your own ‘I-told-you-so’ gratification), this is a “Us vs Them” in the sense that We the People are being overthrown by Tyrants.

#CruzCrew Forever

I feel it my duty tonight to clarify my position as The Founder of The Christian Conservatives Network, Twitter rabble-rouser and Christian Patriot. There seems to be some confusion regarding whether or […]

An Open Letter to Donald Trump

The Liberal media attacked you immediately, calling you a narcissistic clown, a joke, a bankrupted billionaire that feasted on the weak, an orange spray-painted buffoon, and we took up for you. We defended you. We brought you into our homes and some even brought you into their hearts. We were, after-all, on the same side , right?