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Chris Mills is Founder and Editor in Chief of the Christian Conservatives Network and Columnist at

Chris is also the Senior Editor at Matt Barber’s, a Contributor at Founding Fathers Faith Radio and host of The Chris Mills Show on Spreaker, Periscope, YouTube and Facebook Live!

Mr. Mills is a born-again, Christ follower clinging to his Bible and his guns.

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Quote “I’m merely a slave to the King of Kings, documenting the downfall of mankind.”

Who Moved the Hand of Sutherland Springs Shooter Devin Patrick Kelley?

Devin Patrick Kelley, a deranged lunatic, went to the church in Sutherland Springs and opened fire…


‘Though You Slay Me’ — A Lament for America

Like Sodom, Gomorrha and all of the “-ites” of the Old Testament that met systematic destruction for disobedience; America is…


An Open Letter and an Apology From a #NeverTrump OG

I was on Twitter the night Aaron from RightScoop started the #NeverTrump hashtag. Candidate Trump had stepped in it again and the #CruzCrew were loving it. To be quite honest, I barely slept that […]


Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Donald Trump? The Tangled Web of the Steele Dossier


I admit it. I may have met my match in regards to mental gymnastics with the Steele Dossier. Keeping track of the minutiae of The Steel Dossier and the implications in what […]


Making America Good Again

In 2016, President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan was, Make America Great Again.

What a wonderful thought.


The Trump Administrations 20 Principles of Religious Liberty


Religious liberty is a foundational principle of enduring importance in America, enshrined in our Constitution and other sources of federal law.


Missouri Court Sides with Satanist

Source: Missouri Court Sides with Satanist Advertisements


The Google Alphabet and Newspeak Dictionary: Easy as ABC.XYZ

For those of you who may or may not be living under a rock, Google is far more than a search engine with a funny name these days.


The Mission of The Christian Conservatives Network

We will Stand for the Flag and kneel only before the Cross of Christ.

Iron sharpens Iron at The Christian Conservatives Network.

We are the True Resistance.


The Christian Conservatives Network: Reboot

The Christian Conservatives domain name and mission statement was chosen intentionally to oppose Christian Democrats .


What if This Article Was My Last?

Patriots, defend America, as long as America honors God and the precepts outlined in the Bible; protected by the Constitution in accordance with our standing Covenants in the Mayflower Compact and Jamestown documents.


Is The Devil a Democrat? Satanic Temple Challenges Missouri Abortion Law

Which is better?

A Satanist who claims to uphold the Constitution or…


Gun Control Trade-Off: London Terrorism or St. Louis Riots?

It was rightly stated, “Give me Liberty or give me death” for without one, the other is inevitable.


The True Church is Dying: Slowly Killed by Oxymoronical Progressive Christianity

[…]don’t be surprised when the Mohammedans, abortionists, sodomites, transvestites, progressives, wiccans and vortex-worshipping, crystal sucking, patchouli wearing new-agers…


An Open Letter to My Trump and Cruz Friends

This isn’t an “us vs them” in the sense of Facebook vitriol and insults (seeking only your own ‘I-told-you-so’ gratification), this is a “Us vs Them” in the sense that We the People are being overthrown by Tyrants.


The Uniparty, Election 2018: New Tyrants to Rule Over Us

Originally posted on The Christian Conservatives Network:
If we are indeed living in post-Christian America, and it certainly seems as if we are, then the Constitution is no longer adequate to restrain…


What Happened to Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton is done. She’s toast. Stick the proverbial fork in her, she’s a crispy critter. A well done, re-fried, thrice baked botulism ridden potato, not even fit for the compost pile. Even compost piles have standards.


#NeverForget CNN’s Post-9/11 Push for Sharia in America

These groups used the post-911, anti-Muslim hysteria manufactured by CNN as the springboard for these efforts.


Even Hurricane Heroes Trigger Leftists

As the second 1000 year Hurricane in as many weeks bears down on the United States, I thought it apropos to mention, briefly, the heroics of some of the good ‘ole boys involved in the rescue efforts…


The Boston Police Have Confiscated Over 500 ‘Crime Guns’ in 2017

According to the Boston Globe, the Boston Police Department has confiscated more than 500 guns thusfar in 2017. “I’ve seen my officers take thousands of guns off the streets of Boston during my […]