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Who Moved the Hand of Sutherland Springs Shooter Devin Patrick Kelley?

On Sunday, November 5th, a mass shooting tragically took the lives of 27 worshippers at The First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

True hatred has come to the heartland of America.

Those who stand fast in defense of the Word of God have been slaughtered for centuries, the world over. Today, that evil reared its ugly head once again in a small town in Texas.

Devin Patrick Kelley, a deranged lunatic, went to the church in Sutherland Springs and opened fire…

When someone walks into a Church service and kills 27 people, it isn’t necessary to speculate as to what their motives were.

When someone walks into a Church service and kills 27 people it isn’t necessary to speculate as to their political affiliation.

When someone walks into a Church service and kills 27 people it isn’t necessary to speculate as to what their religious ideology is.

When someone walks into a Church service in Texas and kills 27 or kills 9 in a Church service in Charleston, 8 with a rented truck in New York; 58 from a 32nd floor window in Las Vegas, 14 in San Bernardino, 49 in a nightclub in Orlando, 13 in Ft. Hood or 20 children in Sandy Hook, it is no difficult task to determine the author of their evil actions.

His name is Satan.

His job is to steal, kill and destroy.

Whether he drives a person to murderous insanity with drugs, alcohol, bitterness, depression, political echo-chamber rhetoric or religious zealotry in the service of false gods; he will never stop driving men to barbaric deeds.

How do we stop him?

We don’t.

While God is always in control, Satan is the ruler of this world. We pray, we fast, we preach, we fight.

We spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a world that is perishing and run well the race of servitude to Jesus Christ, our spotless, sinless Master. We stand ready with the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, we take up the whole armor of God and, for good measure, we learn to handle a gun.

Jesus said:

Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. Luke 22:36

As we watch for, and live through, the labor pains that lead to Christ’s triumphant return, remember that Jesus said we would be hated.

As we stand ready for the The Rapture, The Tribulation and the Battle of Armageddon, remember that it gets much worse before it gets better.

The sheep are being separated from the goats and the heathen will continue to rage against the laws of civil society, and the very laws of God, as our nation becomes more and more godless.

Sunday morning, our Brothers and Sisters in Christ in Sutherland Springs, Texas saw the fruits of the devils labors. Looking it in the face was the last thing many of them did.

Please stop where you are friends and lift up these faithful servants of God who literally went home to meet the Lord, while they were lifting up praises to His name.

I can think of no better way to go.

This article first appeared on Chris Mills’ Facebook Page


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  1. God gave you a Brain! USE IT! Arm yourselves before leavinv your homes, if you dont, all dho believe in God will die like Dumb Cows! Dont be Dumb anymore!! Stand Up, Soldier Up, Your in a War!! Protect yourselves and families from these SICK minded Animals!!!!

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