POP QUIZ: Marx, Engels, Hitler

The mission statement of the Christian Conservatives Network begins with:

To oppose progressive ideology, regardless of race, political party or religious denomination by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as conserving, preserving and defending our Founder’s original intent.

In order to effectively oppose and guard against the encroachments of progressive tyrants and their ideologies, we must first know and understand what motivates and unites the various elements of the radical-left. This includes learning about important historical figures and movements. One such movement, dangerous and destructive, which is making a modern-day come back is National Socialism (Nazism).

Most people are surprised to learn that Hitler was a socialist, his party being the National Socialist German Workers Party (nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei – “Nazi” was the shortened version). This ideology combines national heritage, ethnic exclusivity, an intense hatred of capitalism, state control over the economy (central planning), revolution, the intent to transform all things in existence (“the order of things”), a rabid hatred of religion, and, finally, environmentalism, all wrapped up in a bright red, totalitarian bow. I will expound on this at a later time.

For now, I’ve put together a short, ten-question quiz to test your knowledge of three famous tyrannical-leaning Leftists: Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels – the fathers of socialism – and Adolf Hitler. Can you identify the correct quotes for each pain-enducing progressive? Take the quiz below (no email address required). You will probably be surprised!




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