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The Mission of The Christian Conservatives Network

Chris Mills, Editor in Chief and the Founder of The Christian Conservatives Network (CCN) is looking for a small team of dedicated, passionate volunteers to help realize his vision for CCN.

That vision is as follows:

Our Mission at The Christian Conservatives Network is simple.

To oppose progressive ideology, regardless of race, political party or religious denomination by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as conserving, preserving and defending our Founder’s original intent.

The Constitution is the document that protects the Church’s right to freely practice and espouse their faith and must be protected.

The First Amendment protects our rights to assemble and speak forth, freely, that faith.

The Second Amendment ensures that our right to exercise the First is protected.

At CCN we believe that the progressive agenda is spiritual wickedness and represents a clear and present danger to the future freedoms of those that espouse the Judaeo-Christian ethics upon which our nation was founded.

Furthermore, we are concerned that the blending of Islam, Christianity, Globalism and Technology may well serve as a foreshadowing, and a warning, of the type of global control that the Antichrist will one day attain and should therefore be carefully monitored and resisted.

To that end, CCN serves as a beacon for free speech, religious freedom and fellowship.

Our goal is to offer Christian, Conservative content, equipping the brethren for the aforementioned battle through community organization, writing, speaking, radio, video and technology.

We will speak boldly the truth of the Word of God, in love.

We will pray for the best and plan for the worst.

We will Stand for the Flag and kneel only before the Cross of Christ.

Iron sharpens Iron at CCN.

We are the True Resistance.


Chris Mills is the Senior Editor at Matt Barber’s and Contributor on Founding Father’s Faith Radio heard in select major markets across the Bible belt on the Wilkins Radio Network.



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