The Google Alphabet and Newspeak Dictionary: Easy as ABC.XYZ

It’s remarkable how many times I’ve debated a leftist kook who’s intended “mic drop” moment revolves around a word that just doesn’t mean what he/she/it thinks it means.
Hate, racism, bigotry, nazi, white supremacy and even words like militia, freedom and liberty are often misused.
Social Media these days basically boils down to a person trying to assert intellectual dominance over another, the intellectual value of the subject matter scales upwards and downwards dependant on education level, but the modus operandi is the same.
From the cis-gender tween on Snapchat to the PHd’s on Facebook, everyone is saying:
“I will prove that I am better, faster, and stronger than you and dang it, people like me!”
No battle of wits (or of the witless) is more pronounced than the ongoing skirmish between Progressives and Conservatives, Left vs Right, Socialism vs Capitalism and, as many would say, Good vs Evil.
Culturally and spiritually, the Second Civil War is well under way. There are virtually no pundits or commentators on either side of the political or religious fence that would disagree.

Daily, we launch salvos of words, insults and diatribes in the direction of our sworn ideological enemies. But, what do those words actually mean? Who decides what they mean, and more importantly, who decides what the modern definition of our literary ammunition is.

In the past, one would grab a book written by a respected predecessor, generally far more educated and intelligent that ourselves, a dictionary, a thesaurus, a concordance and/or a Bible when arguing political or religious dogma. Today, the slothful summertime soldier uses Google.

For those of you who may or may not be living under a rock, Google is far more than a search engine with a funny name these days.

It is reported that 40% of the internet is now Google.

Google owns Youtube, Skybox (think satellites) AdSense, Google Maps and DoubleClick. It owned Motorola long enough to kill the tech giant yet retain most of its patents. Skynet (oops) also owns a plethora of other smaller pieces of their masterwork of global domination now known by the name of their parent company Alphabet, innocently located at the most child-like and basic of URL’s¬†

If one travels through cyberspace to, something a toddler can now do on an ipad or smartphone with relative ease, they will be met the the proclamation that “‘G’ is for Google.”


There was a time when “G” would have meant “girl,” “good” or “God” when teaching a toddler the alphabet.

It’s a clever splash page for the tech behemoth but with very ominous overtones for those with the prescience to look past the end of their noses.

Google is already well known for allegedly¬†burying Conservative, Christian content at the bottom of their search algorithms, firing Conservatives who dare assert that men and women are physiologically different and most recently demonetizing the videos of Conservative / Christian YouTuber’s videos.

What happens when Alphabet/Google begins to (re-) define other words, like racism, bigotry, genocide, oppression, tolerance, God, love or hate?

If you type any word into your Google search bar you will be met with a superimposed window , which ranks above all other definitions, at the top of your screen.



This mysterious window, presumably generated by Google, is always the first listing, the process repeats itself if you use Microsoft Edge or Firefox but doesn’t when you use DuckDuckGo, or Brave. They are lesser known competing browsers. The definition in this box generally has the primary Webster’s definition listed as a secondary or tertiary definition and has a few words here and there that don’t exist in any other historical volumes.

If you search for a word on those competing browsers, guess what happens?

You get Merriam Websters, or Wikipedia as a primary definition and not the secondary or tertiary!

The ways in which individual definitions vary is subtle but it’s there, barely perceptible in some cases.

Spend a few minutes googling a few words and cross -referencing them with historically utilized reference materials and you will quickly notice the difference. The question is, what will our kids and grandkids, who have never known a time when there was no internet, do to find the truth and not just Google’s Newspeak variation of it?

As our language is slowly re-written and Google’s Newspeak Dictionary is penned, I would remind us of the poor, plebeian beasts of Orwell’s Animal Farm that kept referring to what they were sure was written on the back side of the barn as basis of absolute truth in times of need, only to find that the pigs had been changing it every so slightly, right under their noses.




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