The True Church is Dying: Slowly Killed by Oxymoronical Progressive Christianity

Dusting this one off for the relaunch of CCN.

The Christian Conservatives Network

When, exactly, did preachers stop preaching?

When, exactly, did we change the Bible?

When, exactly, did a church service become a motivational speech?

When, exactly, did pastors stop tending and begin coddling their sheep?

The downgrading of Biblical doctrine and the subsequent mealing-mouthing of the pastorate, like most things progressive, were, well, progressive.

We weren’t rapidly introduced to a watered-down message in the pews, truth was gradually omitted as pastors feared reprisal from the government in the forms of IRS audits and civil suits.

Pulpit pounding, Bible thumping, Spirit-filled tent meetings have been gradually replaced by seeker friendly Friendship Conferences, Coffee Shops and Xbox Night Youth Groups.

The power of the truth of the Word of God has been replaced with the fallible humanistic gospel of man and we were so busy trying to defend ourselves from the politically correct thought police that we didn’t even notice.

The progressive church…

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