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The True Church is Dying: Slowly Killed by Oxymoronical Progressive Christianity

When, exactly, did preachers stop preaching?

When, exactly, did we change the Bible?

When, exactly, did a church service become a motivational speech?

When, exactly, did pastors stop tending and begin coddling their sheep?

The downgrading of Biblical doctrine and the subsequent mealing-mouthing of the pastorate, like most things progressive, were, well, progressive.

We weren’t rapidly introduced to a watered-down message in the pews, truth was gradually omitted as pastors feared reprisal from the government in the forms of IRS audits and civil suits.

Pulpit pounding, Bible thumping, Spirit-filled tent meetings have been gradually replaced by seeker friendly Friendship Conferences, Coffee Shops and Xbox Night Youth Groups.

The power of the truth of the Word of God has been replaced with the fallible humanistic gospel of man and we were so busy trying to defend ourselves from the politically correct thought police that we didn’t even notice.

The progressive church, which is truly a regressive one, is now assuming control of the spiritual “market” in America. Believe it or not, what was once considered an oxymoron, like Jumbo-Shrimp or Military Intelligence, the Christian Democrat is a real thing, a powerful attractant, motivated by the forces of darkness.

As the fire and brimstone preacher has slowly been replaced by the skinny-jeans wearing hipster “pastor” who refuses to teach the works of the flesh or the turning from sin, in favor of heretical hypergrace theology, congregants have been slowly starved to death in the very pews the tithes and offerings of their forefathers paid for.

The church will continue, we are promised there will always be a remnant, but don’t be surprised when the Mohammedans, abortionists, sodomites, transvestites, progressives, wiccans and vortex-worshipping, crystal sucking, patchouli wearing new-agers cut off your head in the name of tolerance.

Jesus said they would.


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