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An Open Letter to My Trump and Cruz Friends

Dear Trump friends and Cruz friends.

There’s no reason to lash out at each other as Donald Trump has begins to explore alternative avenues of getting thing done.

My cautious optimism is wearing thin, I’m concerned.

Yes, many of the #nevertrump crowd (of which I was one) told you so. No, that doesn’t mean any of us who voted for Trump (as a first choice or second) are stupid.

What it does mean is, the swamp is bigger, deeper and more corrupt than any of us thought. I knew the GOP Establishment snakes would oppose Trump or Cruz with every fiber of their being.

What none of us anticipated (and please don’t chime in claiming intellectual superiority here) is that, quite literally 100% of the Democrats oppose Liberty and Freedom in favor of Big Government control and 80% of the Republicans do as well. They are only interested in keeping their jobs, retaining power and lining their own pockets.

Five of the Six richest counties in America surround Washington DC.

I knew the GOP Establishment would oppose either man, I just didn’t realize there were so many rats and alligators in the swamp.

Donald Trump hasn’t failed, he has been made to fail.

Every patriot he has appointed has been forced out, being replaced by deep state shills.

Ted Cruz wouldn’t have succeeded, because he too, would have been made to fail. If there is anyone in DC that the swamp fears more than Trump, it’s Cruz.

The only advantage Cruz may have had is that he already knew who the rats were; that doesn’t mean he would have been any more successful is moving an agenda through or around them.

Oh, how I wish they’d get together and demolish the entrenched bureaucracy that seeks to enslave us.

Please, be kind to each other my friends and pray.

This isn’t an “us vs them” in the sense of Facebook vitriol and insults (seeking only your own ‘I-told-you-so’ gratification), this is an “Us vs Them” in the sense that We the People are being overthrown by Tyrants.

Neither Trump nor Cruz are part of that tyranny.

Whether by an Article Five Convention of States or a unification of the Right (not the Republicans) in America, we must find unity in purpose and rise up to take back the nation our forefathers bled and died for, before it’s too late.


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