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What Happened to Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton is done. She’s toast. Stick the proverbial fork in her, she’s a crispy critter. A well done, re-fried, thrice baked botulism ridden potato, not even fit for the compost pile. Even compost piles have standards.

Even NPR admits she’s finished. Then again, to most of us in our right mind, she was already finished.

What happened to Hillary Clinton?

That’s actually a very simple answer, and no, it isn’t Trump.

What happened to Hillary Clinton is “We the People.”

You see, for too long America was held hostage by their boob-tubes, telescreens if you will, absorbing whatever narrative poured forth from its welcoming glowing tubes. Very few bothered to search beyond it or the local paper for information. Americans were too busy to keep up with the minutiae of the antics of D.C. Beltway monkeys.

The advent of the internet and the free dissemination of information is what has finally run the Clintons off. Even though it has made them and their colleagues (like Al Gore) very wealthy in the process.

Thirty years ago, criminal masterminds like the Clinton family could get away with murder, both literally and figuratively. Today every American has the world, and a camera, at their fingertips.

So, what happened to Hillary Clinton?

The Democrats tried to blow smoke up Americans collective tailpipes, once again, and we didn’t fall for it.

The Progressives couldn’t hide Hillary’s sins, try as they might.

  1. 33,000 Deleted Emails
  2. Benghazi
  3. The Clinton Foundation
  4. The mysterious trail of bodies that seem to follow the Clintons
  5. Bill Clinton is a rapist
  6. Bill Clintons Impeachment
  7. Her adoration of Saul Alinksy
  8. Statements that the Church has to change.
  9. Huma Abedin’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood
  10. Hillaries hypocritical adoration of the sexually perverse
  11. Calling “We the People” Irredeemable Deplorables

The list could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

You can’t fool us any more lefties.

We’re watching, we’re recording and we’re reporting.

If you plan on running lucifer himself again in 2020, you might want to make sure Google scrubs every trace of his/her existence from the internet before you even release their name to the public.

Otherwise, We the People will find you, We the People will fact check you, We the People will meme you and We the People will destroy you.

P.S. We’re already wise to Keith Ellison, Abdul el Sayed and Kamala Harris.

P.P.S. It seems you’re fresh out of ideas.

Would you like to borrow a drawing board?



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