Even Hurricane Heroes Trigger Leftists

As the second 1000 year Hurricane in as many weeks bears down on the United States, I thought it apropos to mention, briefly, the heroics of some of the good ‘ole boys involved in the rescue efforts of Hurricane Harvey. Many of the same guys will most certainly be on the scene, once again, as Irma makes landfall in Florida.

Several viral photos of camo-wearing neck-bearded Americans quietly going about their “patriarchal, misogynistic” business have been circulating on the internet and triggering snowflakes like Janell Ross at the Washington Post (I linked to her name as a courtesy. Please don’t click, it makes her money!)

Who would have imagined that an African Amerian female working for a beltway propagandist rag like WaPo would be triggered by the following article posted on the Modern Man Facebook Page.

In Miss Ross’ column, she posts 5 or 6 pictures and videos of “rednecks” helping out but assures us that there are many pictures of people of all races colors and creeds helping out in the aftermath, and I’m sure there were but she didn’t bother to include any.

Maybe, pictures of skinny-jeans wearing, Antifa, hipster, transvestites and Bernie bros wading through waist deep waters to save their fellow Americans were actually much rarer than she asserted.

I sure haven’t seen any.

I have, however, read two articles in which leftists have claimed that both hurricanes and eclipses are racist.

I even read one where some Hodgkinson-esque maniac claimed that President Trump Geo-Engineered Hurricanes Irma and Harvey to destroy Miami and Houston because he hates Latinos and Blacks.


Please stop the virtue signaling from your protected, leftist, ivory tower while masked terrorists are actively spreading your socialist propaganda at the end of their Soros poisoned-tipped spears.


It’s embarrassing for you.

Then again, I’m not sure the left is embarrassed by anything anymore.

Take a close look lefty, these are the people that the men you mock have died to save and still risk their lives for every day in our Police Departments and Armed Services the world over.


This isn’t a new phenomenon, look at the bigoted, patriarchal racist below after Hurricane Katrina.


Here’s another uncouth brute carrying a “woman of color” and her baby, who seems to feel safe enough in the arms of this patriarchal macho-man to have a little nappy-nap.

harvey redneck

My message to the Miss Ross and others of her ilk is simple.

God, Guns, and Guts made America free and those that you disdainfully call “rednecks” and “racists” will always rise to defend the helpless, regardless of the color of their skin. That’s what real American’s do.

What do anti-American, Marxist wingnuts do? They post articles mocking real Americans.

In your heart you know it’s true, so stop sensationalizing for clicks, it makes Jesus cry.


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