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Banned From a Leftist Theology Group on Facebook

So, I shared my ‘Christians Don’t Let Christians be Democrats’ post in a Christian Debate and Theology group on Facebook yesterday and after having three different threads closed for political content, I was eventually banned from the group.

An admitted leftist’s threads attacking me were left open.

I politely asked the moderators to close his threads in which he misrepresented my piece and in fact took the opposite political slant. I protested that his comments also be deleted since a ‘theological group is not the place for political discussion.”. That’s the reason I was given for my posts being locked.

I was fine with my posts being taken down for violating the group rules. To be honest I never bother to read Facebook Group rules. I was not fine with the fact that a leftist was given free reign to trash me and continue on in political discussion unfettered; the very offense for which my posts were removed.

Anyways, I got the banhammer; the liberal is still there.

Let that sink right on in.

Christian Debate and Theology Group:  Liberal Progressive heretics welcome. Conservative Christian Patriots? Not so much.

The fact that armchair theologians have no desire to rightly divide the word of truth in regards to the perilous slippery slope of American apostasy should give us all pause.

They would much rather remain sequestered, bickering about minutiae that men far wiser than themselves have been unable to come to an agreement on for the last 2000 years.

In fact, one of them said:

“When we come to an agreement on the minutiae of the Trinity and Christ in the Eucharist, maybe we’ll find time to talk about the role of politics in Christianity”

My response was:

“You’ll be doing it from behind bars if you wait much longer.”


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