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Rush Limbaugh Says the Southern Poverty Law Center is a Hate Group

As I have stated many times before, I can take a person to half-a-dozen websites around the internet which would seem, at face value, to offer “proof” to support nearly any position a person could have, on virtually anything,

There is so much disinformation, on both sides, that it can be dizzying trying to keep up with it all.

One such group that proliferates as much fake-news as anyone, and perhaps more, is the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The brilliant authors here on Barbwire have lit the SPLC up like a Christmas tree more than once, and rightfully so, they equate Tony Perkins Family Research Council with the KKK, yet let groups like Black Lives Matter off the hook entirely.

Rush Limbaugh issued a scathing rebuke of the SPLC.


The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate group rivaled only by the Democrat Party. The Southern Poverty Law Center… Folks, if there’s anything you should ignore — and there are a lot of things you should ignore — put the Southern Poverty Law Center on the list. […]

The Southern Poverty Law Center is accepted as gospel by the media and by any number of other people, and you can look at one of their most recent website updates. Practically every mainstream conservative organization is listed on that website as a hate group, and the Southern Poverty Law Center has blood on its hands. They called the Family Research Council a hate group, and a guy walked into the lobby of the building where they are and start shooting because he had seen it on the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Southern Poverty Law Center probably is this guy that shot up the Republicans at the baseball practice. I have in and out that the Southern Poverty Law Center is on the group of websites that those wackos on the left look at every day. It’s a dangerous, dangerous place. It is as partisan leftist as anything. The Klan can’t hold a candle on these people! What Chris was referring to here in the beginning of this call, I made the point earlier in the program that all of these so-called Alt-Right groups don’t have enough power to change anything in this country.

They don’t have any real power. But the Southern Poverty Law Center does because it’s universally supported and amplified by the media, and so does Occupy Wall Street, and so does Black Lives Matter, and so does this Antifa group. They have real power. But there aren’t enough Alt-Right people to win anybody an election. They don’t have the power to do anything to anybody, and yet they’re being portrayed here as the number one obstacle to a decent and just America. It is an absolute outrage.

As we approach even more and more Orwellian times, I am thankful for journalists, reporters, and commentators, like Rush Limbaugh, for having the foresight to save virtually everything they have ever said in audio, video text and print form for posterity sake. It would be very difficult to flush Rush Limbaugh’s body of work down the memory hole.

For the full transcript see Rush


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  1. The Liberty Counsel is suffering from the same hateful defamation by the SPLC:

    For the past few weeks, the Liberty Counsel lawyers have been fighting back against an AVALANCHE of new attacks, seemingly all inspired by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) fraudulent labeling of Liberty Counsel and other pro-family groups as “hate” groups.

    A search of news postings over the past month alone reveals hundreds of stories fanning the flames of the SPLC’s hate campaign, which is now being backed by high-profile donations from Apple, JP Morgan, and others.

    Liberty Counsel has specifically been targeted by the SPLC “fake hate” crusade; and this organization has outrageously been linked to the racists at the center of the Charlottesville tragedy.

    ********* The real and urgent danger of SPLC’s “avalanche” of HATE:

    The most urgent danger of the SPLC’s “fake hate” attack is not what it could do to Liberty Counsel.  (We will employ every legal resource necessary to stop these defamatory attacks.)
    The most pressing danger is that the SPLC’s “fake hate” campaign will succeed at bullying and silencing people of faith across this land! If the “hate” label is allowed to stick, then Christian people and ultimately our Christian faith will be associated with hate…and anti-faith groups will use this to silence our voice!

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