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Apparently Pepper Balls is not only famous…

Apparently “Pepper Balls” is not only famous, he’s going to jail.

The most exciting thing that happened that night in Phoenix was indeed the lonely #Antifa wannabe catching a pepper ball in the junk after kicking one back at police officers.

I didn’t think of it at the time, but that’s assault and that’s what he’s been charged with.

I documented the false “Phoenix Riot” propaganda here on The Chris Mills Show Blog. I was up until 1 am watching local Phoenix news casts and monitoring the Tweety page for breaking news.

There was virtually nothing to see, yet Breitbart reported it as a full-scale riot.

10 guys throwing rocks at cops does not a riot make.

Read my piece on the suspiciously absent #Antifa below.

In case you haven’t seen the “Pepper balls” video. It’s linked in the aforementioned piece linked below.


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