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Why Were the Antifa a No-Show at Phoenix Trump Rally?

In light of the tragic events of the past couple of weeks regarding Charlottesville and then Boston, many, including myself, expected chaos at the Phoenix Rally held by President Trump on Tuesday night.

It didn’t happen.


Perhaps we have found a chink in the Antifa’s armor, an Achilles heel, a Soros’ Army Logistics issue?

I mean, can George Soros really move 40,000 people two thousand miles in 72 hours? It would seem not.

I’m not sure this reasoning holds seeing that Los Angeles is a mere 6 hours drive and Phoenix is known as a hub for the homosexual lifestyle.

Aren’t the BLM, Antifa, Occupy Wallstreet goons a nationwide grassroots movement with massive numbers in every state?

Perhaps Phoenix Democrat Mayor was allowed by the powers-that-be to be seen as the “unifer” and the “peace-maker” by making sure the rally that he tried to stop didn’t turn violent.

Perhaps it’s because of the high profile nature of a presidential visit?

I mean, anyone seen as a threat to the President would have been locked up post haste.

Perhaps it’s because local good guys like Bikers For Trump showed up.

Perhaps it’s because Militant leftist, bad-guys like the John Brown Gun Club & RedNeck Revolt with their AR-15’s showed up and the hipsters with sticks were no longer needed.

Perhaps it was just responsible adults behaving responsibly and a well trained, well-organized police force doing their jobs and doing them well.

Perhaps it was a strategic move on the part of those spinning the leftist narrative. Too much opioid for the masses lately; time for a break; let this opportunity go?

Don’t think the left wing media let the fact that there was no riot keep them from manufacturing a fake-news story to the contrary.

Long after the end of the speech, a few idiots decided to throw rocks at the cops and some smoke grenades and pepper spray were deployed by the Phoenix PD as a sign to “Go home, it’s over”

CNN & Don Lemon, of course, played this up for all it was worth.

For whatever the reason the Phoenix Trump Rally didn’t get out of hand, whether political, strategic, logistic, fear of mutual destruction, or just good ole fashioned Arizona neighborly respect, nothing happened.

I, personally, would like to think that it’s because the Leftist’s Militant Antifa knew that they were risking their own lives if they descended en masse into the largest Red City in a large Red State with Constitutional Gun Carrying laws, Phoenix PD, Secret Service and 1000 Bikers guarding the door.

I will submit but one video clip to show the magnitude of the after-rally uprising. Compare this with the anarchy witnessed in Boston and Charlottesville, then rest easy knowing that God is in control and “useful idiots” are only so useful.


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