Pearls Before Swine: Wasted Time

Some people drive me batty!

If you wish to debate me on the internet, but will not accept the Bible as the only absolute truth; will not admit that the devil is the ruler of this world (although God is in control) do not trust any media source unless it is “approved by the left” and “fact-checked” by their well-funded watchdog groups, please don’t waste my time.


If you watch/read/follow me because you are expecting Billy Graham or Walter Cronkite you will be disappointed.

I am not a pastor, a lawyer, a doctor or a theologian.

I am a watchman.

I write.

I make videos.

I make music.

I live stream.

I create content.

I have a big mouth and I drink a LOT of coffee!

I am an everyday Joe just like you.

I do my best to keep an eye on things that are happening around me and don’t ever discount a piece of information simply based on the source.

Not everything on Infowars is true, not all of it is false.

Not everything on CNN or Fox is true, and not everything is false.

Remember Men in Black when they referred to the tabloids as “the hot sheets” ?

Sometimes real events are buried by ALL mainstream media outlets on both sides of the aisle. Those are the stories I enjoy exploring.

However, unless you are omniscient, there is no way for anyone to prove anything in today’s world unless you saw it with your own two eyes and with the advancement of technology even that is getting sketchy.

Therefore, arguing one’s political opinion is an exercise in futility.

I can point you to half a dozen websites chock full of “information” to “prove” literally any position. We all believe what we choose to believe, based on our worldview and our own biases. I offer mine on a regular basis, we all do. But I am not a reporter; I am not a journalist. When I am making a serious point, which I feel requires attributions, I will post them. As a general rule, I am posing questions as I am asking them myself. Hopefully, you guys find me entertaining and my questions stimulate your thought processes.

The only thing you will ever hear me state with 100% conviction is that Jesus is the only way to heaven and that the Bible is true. Those precepts I will defend with my life and I am well equipped to do so.( both literally and figuratively) However, that is not the sole purpose of my content creation, my ramblings or my show. I aim to make you think and make you smile.

To steal a line from Glenn Beck “The Fusion of Entertainment and Enlightenment” but less mormony. 🙂

With that said.

I just spent 30 minutes bickering with someone who rejects wholly the very notion that George Soros pays protesters on a regular basis and that there is a very high probability that his dirty mitts were involved in the Charlottesville riots.

72% of the respondents on my 24 hour Twitter poll believe that at least some of the protesters were bussed in and paid off. Senator Ted Cruz and many others are already floating similar hypothesis’.

I have reset and rephrased the poll and set it for 72 hours to get a larger sample size.

You can weigh in on my Twitter page.

I cited the New York Post, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, The Blaze, YoungCons, Snope,s Wikipedia and Rush Limbaugh in defense of my position that Soros DOES, in fact, have financial ties to as many as 50 radical left wings groups. All of my citations were dismissed as #fakenews or non-credible sources.

News regarding Charlottesville, in particular, is still trickling in. It’s the weekend. Our benevolent overlords in DC are resting, reloading their propaganda bazookas and will be in full assault mode by morning.

But I digress.

The person who refused to believe that Soros is involved proceeded to float the idea (with conviction) that Donald Trump Jr. is closely affiliated with the groups behind the violence; that Trump Sr., (who has only been in office for 8 months) is responsible for the racial divide in America and that we back-woods deplorable’s are being played by the Trump Administration.

When we got to the subject of faith the truth came out, I had been arguing with someone I thought to be a conservative anti-Trump bigot (formerly known as the #NeverTrump movement), in reality, I was arguing with a liberal.

It’s shocking how it’s hard to tell the difference these days.

I should have just asked my default series of “expose the godless, liberal heretic, whackjob” questions.

  1. Does your church teach that abortion is murder?
  2. Does your church teach that homosexuality is sin and needs to be turned from?
  3. Does your church teach that Islam is the worship of false gods and a violation of the first commandment?

This line of questioning lets you know who you are dealing with fairly quickly.

I should have known better.

I played myself.

I want my 30 minutes back.


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    • I’ve been hearing the same things ever since Saturday. I do not have citations but maybe I should put them together. I’m being told the mayor ordered the police to stand down and that the police funneled the alt-right protesters, who had a permit, into unsafe areas where the antifa, who didn’t have a permit were waiting.


      • And the only thing that I’ve heard in the media is the police denial of a “stand down” order. But, it’s apparent from the videos that police were NOT proactive; they did not intervene (i.e., get between the two factions, both of whom were prepared for a violent confrontation. If they had, a life might not have been lost to a lunatic.


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