The Cultural Cold War of 2017

I just had an epiphany regarding the Trump/Cruz divide that still looms amongst conservatives.

We all agree that there is a war that needs to be won and is well underway.

The Cruz /NeverTrump camp, of which I have been one for some time, feel the need for another Revolution; the Trump supporters of which I am now one, realize there is a Civil War which must first be won before Revolution can occur.

There is a cultural cold war going on right now and there are those in both parties that don’t want it to ever be resolved.

They reside in Washington DC when they have R’s and D’s in front of their names.

The heartland of America, the conservatives; the Christians those who believe in our Founders intent must unite to crush liberal progressivism.

It is a war of ideologies; it is war of words; it is a war of principles.

If the infighting doesn’t stop, the Democrats will regain control and we will be Tweeting and Facebooking with our IP addresses masked thru VPN’s to avoid IRS audits and prison.

When that happens don’t blame Donald Trump.

Blame yourself.


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