Why Voting For Donald Trump Is Morally Good

A few clicks around  this site should serve as my staunch #Nevertrump bona fides, not that I care about credibility with the world. I care about being obedient to God–He has swayed me. The wonderful piece that follows is the final nudge that it took to put me over the edge. Donald Trump will get my vote.

I ran across a lengthy, yet brilliant article from Wayne Grudem (a former Trump opponent) at .

Wayne Grudem is Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary in Arizona. He is a graduate of Harvard (BA), Westminster Seminary-Philadelphia (MDiv, DD), and the University of Cambridge (PhD). He has written more than 20 books, including Systematic Theology, Politics According to the Bible and (with Barry Asmus) The Poverty of Nations: A Sustainable Solution.

….the most likely result of not voting for Trump is that you will be abandoning thousands of unborn babies who will be put to death under Hillary Clinton’s Supreme Court, thousands of Christians who will be excluded from their lifelong occupations, thousands of the poor who will never again be able to find high-paying jobs in an economy crushed by government hostility toward business, thousands of inner-city children who will never be able to get a good education, thousands of the sick and elderly who will never get adequate medical treatment when the government is the nation’s only healthcare provider, thousands of people who will be killed by an unchecked ISIS, and millions of Jews in Israel who will find themselves alone and surrounded by hostile enemies. And you will be contributing to a permanent loss of the American system of government due to a final victory of unaccountable judicial tyranny.


I realize 10 pages is about 9.5 pages more than most people are willing to read– but I implore you to stick it out.

I’m glad I did!



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  1. I finally finished reading this article. Yes, among breaks and some work, it pretty much took me all day. Very interesting! As I use discernment and do my own research, I am finding myself leaning toward a vote for Trump. In Arizona, it may not make a difference. I also saw the movie “Hillary’s America” and it also gave me a nudge. She is absolutely corrupt and a presidency under her would be unbearable for the nation. The world is spinning out of control. We must remember that God is still in control and all things work together for good for those who believe. I pray I have the strength to endure whatever is coming. Thanks for sending the article. I will share it with some friends who are also troubled.



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