Social Justice and Abortion

Another wonderful piece from Rev. Steve Williams!

Founding Father's Faith Blog


There are so many social-justice Christians and ministries today, yet most of these do not concern themselves first with the innocent. Children are innocent, from the unborn to the nascent, toddlers, those learning to read and those reading to learn, innocent until they like us adults are able to respond to the Savior’s call.

Yet, sadly, the emphasis by these so-called social-justice Christians and ministries, is on a mother who is not thinking innocent thoughts, nor having innocent intentions; a mother who does not want to deal with the innocent life inside her. Abortion (regardless at what stage or reason) is sin, murder, and in the Bible comes under the special-circumstance heading of, innocent-blood.[1] Truly, every society that permits the murder of the unborn are weighed by God and are found wanting;[2] found deficient in God’s examination when we are measured by His plumb-line.[3] Genuine social-justice then…

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