Top Headlines! Trump Justices and Airline Tragedies

By far the two biggest stories of the week were presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump releasing his long awaited list of potential Supreme Court Justices and the tragic airline disaster involving EgyptAir flight 804.

The general consensus seems to be, at this early stage, that the EgyptAir flight was indeed a terrorist attack, although there has been no concrete evidence discovered yet to support those theories. Sixty-six people lost their lives on Thursday on the ill-fated flight from Paris to Cairo. Our prayers are with the families of those lost to this tragedy.

“We are looking through our intelligence collections to figure out if we have any images. Do we have any signals intelligence that reveals a discussion of a plot like this? California Rep. Adam Schiff told The Associated Press.

“We’re working with the French to try to figure out is there any information we have that could shed light on any of the passengers, but there’s nothing yet to confirm the cause of the plane crash.” he said.

He said the plane did seem to have broken apart in midair but the reason was unclear.

First published at CNS News

On Wednesday, Donald J. Trump released his list of Supreme Court nominees. It is a good list and should go a long way to assuage the fears of Conservatives everywhere as to his intentions.


supreme court

For a full breakdown of the proposed nominees and their positions check out our friend Bob Eschliman’s column over at

“Trump said his list of potential Supreme Court justices is representative of the kind of constitutional principles he values. He said, if elected, he plans to use the list as a guide to “nominate [the] next United States Supreme Court Justices.”

“Justice Scalia was a remarkable person and a brilliant Supreme Court Justice,” he added. “His career was defined by his reverence for the Constitution and his legacy of protecting Americans’ most cherished freedoms. He was a justice who did not believe in legislating from the bench and he is a person whom I held in the highest regard and will always greatly respect his intelligence and conviction to uphold the Constitution of our country.”

First published at Charisma

An insightful and thorough article as always from Mr. Eschliman.


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