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I feel it my duty tonight to clarify my position as The Founder of The Christian Conservatives Network, Twitter rabble-rouser and Christian Patriot.

There seems to be some confusion regarding whether or not I will support Donald Trump now that he is the only Republican left. This is not a new question for me. I have been struggling with this in my heart for weeks, anticipating my next course of action if Cruz drops out or loses outright. It has come to my attention within the past few days that my brow has been in a state of permanent furrowing as I go about my days deep in thought , prayer and concern for our Nation.

Believe me when I say that I have committed this issue to much thought, maybe too much, and have wept and prayed for guidance of what to do with my one measly vote.

I understand full well what a Hillary Clinton Presidency will do to America. The Liberal juggernaut that has been systematically destroying our Republic for the last one hundred years will get four more to do their worst, and they will try.

I understand that Donald Trump is not Hillary Clinton and it is reasonable to assume that he will not be as bad as she is, or will he?

It has become increasingly more evident as this campaign has worn on that Donald Trump is still a Liberal at heart. He has changed or walked back his “tough-guy” positions on literally everything he has said since the campaign started. When placed under pressure he reverts to his Liberal roots.

He has lied, slandered, mocked, and ridiculed a professing, and practicing Christian & Constitutional Conservative and his family, mercilessly, along the way.

What will he really do with the weight of the free world on his shoulders? He will do what he has always done, he will make deals.

He is the deal maker, after all, and the GOP Establishment are laughing all the way to the bank with the prospect of having Big Donald around to keep the big government gravy train flowing.

What deals will he make regarding Supreme Court Nominations?

What deals will he make regarding Trade?

What deals will he make regarding Immigration?

What snakes will he have to get in bed with to even get funding to build his wall?

Remember that everything he does as President will have to be consented to by the other branches of Government, and as usual, they will all have their hands out.

Donald Trump has gotten a lot of votes, more than any one ever has in a Presidential Primary, but he also has the highest negative ratings of any candidate in history.
Remember, as a Republican you will be equated with Donald Trump. He is you and you are him in the eyes of the Liberal Progressives whether you like it or not.

Just the fact that he is in office will have potentially catastrophic repercussions for the down ballot Republicans at the State and Local levels. Remember, Barrack Obama’s ineffectiveness is why we have control of The House, The Senate and a majority of State Governor-ships.

If Hillary wins, she will go down in history as the most obstructed Presidents in US History. The GOP will have no qualms about crushing her, something they have been reluctant to do with the race-baiting Obama. The down ballot hemorrhaging that we have enjoyed due to Obama’s ineptness will continue and we will fill out even more House and Senate seats.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, what will Trump do to people that stand in his way? He will destroy them by whatever means necessary to get what he wants. Just like he did Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio and scores of others.

What will happen to Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Jeff Sessions, Tom Cotton, Ben Sasse and others if they dare even disagree with the Donald?

Conversely, if Hillary wins we will add even more young champions of Conservatism to our budding roster of superstars and we may eventually see a turning back of the Liberal flood in this country.

When Donald Trump is done with the House and Senate all that will be left are GOP Establishment deal makers and it is very likely that all of the good guys that the Tea Party movement birthed will be run out of town on a rail because they dared oppose Trump, and oppose him they will, for they are men of principle and conviction.

His character thus far has shown that all of these things are very likely to happen. Yes, he is the devil that we don’t fully know. Hillary is the devil that we do know and both of them are capable of plunging America into another century of big government Liberalism.

The way I see it, the only thing I can do with a clear conscience is show God reverence, and in lieu of Him further revealing His will, write in Ted Cruz and pray fervently that God’s hand protects us from whichever evil ruler we are about to appoint. I can rest my head at night knowing that I have done that.

You will have to make your own choice.

I, however, had the following thought moments after Cruz suspended his campaign. (It does take a bit of artistic license and is not necessarily in correct theological context, but..)

If a young David had been slain by Goliath would the children of Israel have abandoned their faith and rallied to the side of the blaspheming Philistine?

I think not.


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  1. Thank you for putting in such eloquent words exactly how I feel. I agree with you that True Conservatives will grow in an environment of liberal democrats more quickly. We must be the rebellion, the same way we started this country for it is not the politicians who will save us, it is The People. We must survive what comes, trust God, keep true to our conservative principles and pray and fast for deliverance. And it may not come in my lifetime, but I’m at peace with that. Thank you again for writing this. God bless you and your family.

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    • MATTHEW 7: 15 -20 15Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
      16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
      17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
      18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
      19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
      20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. ( CAN YOU NOT DISCERN DONALD TRUMPS FRUIT ,LIES ,SLANDER FALSE REPORTS CALLING A GOOD HONEST GODLY MAN ,LYING TED !!! THAT MY CHRISTIAN FRIENDS IS EVIL !! MY GOD DOES NOT HAVE TO USE EVIL, LYING TACTICS TREACHEROUS= betraying or likely to betray faith or confidence ,SCURRILOUS= expressing unfair or false criticism that is likely to damage someone’s reputation: ” But God will (allow ) it because it its the peoples choice !!! God gave us a Godly man =Ted Cruz who will do away with what God hates Abortion ,the progression of evil , and an unGodly man …I will not reject the Godly for the unGodly , I will not vote in the matter . God will give people what they want ,it can be a Blessing or a Curse on our lives and on our Family How can I vote for a Liar when God said He Hates Lying . How can I vote for a slanderer When God hates slander (those ) are spirits getting into control of our Government and from there they can get a stronghold in our country. To change things We Put the Godly man Who seeks God for wisdom and Solutions (those) are spirits also which will flow to the people as Blessing ,Because he has already began to put his cabnet together with (Godly ) people who also seek God for wisdom ,to Restore people …Donald Trump has already enlisted George Sorros …They will put names out front People like ,the Corruption will still be there ,only behind the scenes ..Satan cannot cast out satan ,People need to fast and pray. They have erected a temple to Baal I have read in NY ,and will be putting in more ,We have Muslims trying to take over with Sharia Law ..and allah …Our God is the Most High God and the Government is on His shoulders ,Put God back in Government through Ted Cruz, By the Holy Spirit working through Him and other Christians , I Refuse the UnGodly , I will not compromise …Donald Trump is as bad as Hillary , I have researched him ,I did not accept what was being said ,I researed Ted Cruz too …Watching hours of Videos where I can see and hear the person watching expressions see the people they surround themselves with AND praying .God will show anyone who asks ,,,anyman Lacks Wisdom let him ask of God who giveth to all men librally and upbraideth not , He is no Respector of persons


    • It will not be the people who will save us ,Its is the people who are backing this Trump movement , He has given us a Godly man , it is us who are choosing the UnGodly over the Godly ,who chose to believe the UnGodly ..Of course we will learn through it ,when sin abounds so does grace ,But that is not Gods intention or He would not have Provided (Not Perfect ) but Godly Whose Word is His Bond ,Who was Instrumental in getting all the Republicans in the last election …Who will do away with Abortion (Which God Hates ) Who will investigate Planned Parenthood and prosecute those who are guilty ,,They are selling baby body parts ,the rebellion is a Spiritual one ,The Democrats out God out of th government through having an Muslim President who was raised serving allah…God gave us a Godly man and we will learn the Spiritual …It will be the Holy Spirit ..Who is our Teacher and our Guide …We have been learning about having the god of this world in power ,now its time To put God back in Power ,and bind up the strongman and spoil his goods . They know what will happen if Senator Cruz gets in ,satan cant cast out satan,, So let hillary or Trump go at it …I will not vote in evil…Love not the world or the things in the world ,if we Love the world the love of the Father is not in us


    • It appears the Sheeple are looking for a man to follow.They want a “King”to lead them. Forget his sins that separate him from God. Forget the wrath of God that will fall on him for his tongue that is set on fire from hell. Forget that he will be treated with the same lack of mercy with which he has treated others. And forget that the Sheeple are indicted themselves by clinging to someone so evil for their deliverance rather than chosing a man of God.

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  2. If the Conservative Christian Voting Bloc continues to negate its political influence by its refusal to engage, it ceases to be a factor to be considered by the political forces.


  3. Chris,
    Thank so much for the article explaining why you will not vote for Trump. You have put into words exactly how I feel but I was not know sure how to put it into words.
    Thank for your service,
    Doug Ogden

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  4. I would encourage you to pray about what you are saying here. Meditate on on Romans 13: 1-7 and 1 Peter 2: 13-17, and lastly John 18: 36 and 19: 11.
    Where is your focus? The case you present appears to be more about bitterness in that a particular candidate lost. Keep your faith in Christ, not man, your eyes to heaven, not the world. Is your plan greater than God’s, your purpose greater than Christ’s?

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    • Common Sense tells every sane person that Trump is a reprobate. A dirtbag. Christian values put a fine point on it. Even a cannibal in the jungle can tell that a guy who openly boasts about having sex with his daughter is not fit to be leader of the free world. Even an atheist knows that ending NATO is a very bad idea. There is no danger of Trump ever winning the Presidency. Trump is a side show to ruin the Republican Party.

      Trump has been friends with the Clintons for years Donald Trump’s show biz world has a big intersect with Pro Wrestling. Pro Wrestling talent, must bid for the right to “win” the championship belt. When the final history of this fiasco is written, it will be found that the Clintons interviewed more than one talent for the role of foil for Hillary’s successful campaign. It simply is not an accident that Trump is far less Ronald Reagan and far more Stone Cold Steve Austin. Trump knows how to monetize this. He is Bill and Hillary’s best friend.



  5. Who’s to say that my post doesn’t serve Christ’s purpose?

    My decision to write in a candidate, nor my reasons to do so, violate any of the requirements of the Scriptures you posted, nor were they posted in haste or bitterness. Quite the opposite.

    “Of two evils, choose neither. Christians must turn from the endless cycle of voting for the lesser of evils and expecting an unrighteous act to produce a righteous result. From a communist to a cultist, choosing the lesser of evils is still evil, and never should we do evil so good may come” -Charles Spurgeon


  6. Chris,

    Thanks for your thoughtful and articulate never Trump expose. I have a different view. I am a paleoconservative, Christian, Tea Party type Republican. I have always been for Cruz, but never hated Trump. From the very start, I respected Trump for hitting back on the most important issues, the ones no Republicans dared touch: Media bias, political correctness, illegal NAU immigration, trade deficits, Islamic terrorism, Federal Reserve fraud and government corruption. Cruz and Trump were always my first and second choices with Carson being my third. I distrust all politicians and thus wanted an outsider conservative to clean house. Please allow me to explain why I deplore the Never Trump position.

    Never Trump = Always Hillary = demise of USA. It is that simple, here’s why.

    Hillary’s social network team started the Never Trump movement. Think about that for a while; if you are Never Trump then you are on Hillary‘s team.

    Hillary delights in the slaughter of unborn children at all ages. She is evil. She wants more tax funded abortions for everyone, up to full term infanticide and she wants conservatives and Christians to pay for it.
    Trump claims to have changed his pro-abortion views and pledges to stop funding abortions. At least he is not pledging to fund and legalize more abortions like Hillary.

    Hillary is a Globalist, she supports a One World Government that will control the USA, it’s economy and trade, while subverting constitutional sovereignty and American citizens. She and Bill started Globalist organizations for the purpose. She has always voted to empower global governance that subverts American sovereignty.
    Trump is a nationalist and patriot. He desires to put America First in all things, including trade, war, immigration, international law and other global alliances. He questions the validity and continued benefit of Liberal Progressive FDR’s NATO, UN, World Bank, WTO and IMF among other global alliances that seek to subvert America’s sovereignty and autonomy.

    Hillary supports the North America Union (NAU) which creates a new country like the EU that replaces the USA, Mexico and Canada. Hillary is for the Amero which is a fiat currency for this new nation, that will replace the deliberately failing Dollar. Hillary is a Global “free trader.” She supports globalism via FTA’s like NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP, TPA and WTO which subvert USA trade sovereignty and which redistribute western wealth to corporations, private banks and foreign governments. She and Bill created the sovereignty robbing and wealth redistributing WTO, NAFTA and CAFTA. Hillary believes in global and domestic redistribution of wealth. She is a New World Order Puppet Progressive like Bush, Obama, Wilson and FDR. Globalism trade is cronyism trade, it is a means to the globalist end. It is not free trade nor has it ever been a free market system. It is Global socialism via trade economy entanglements. Even the radical left recognizes this fact, which explains Bernie’s popularity. He correctly identified many of the big government corruption problems but proposes all the wrong solutions.
    Trump supports the constitutional Tariff trade of our founding fathers. They imposed trade tariffs to ensure USA interests were protected and tariffs were utilized for the first 150-years of America’s history. Tariffs were USA’s constitutional trade tax that granted trade authority to citizens via congressional vote. They funded the entire Federal budget. Tariff trade built the industrial revolution of the 1800’s and greatly increased the USA share of global GDP. This citizen controlled Tariff trade tax system, enabled America to become a Superpower and for Americans to vote for their own economic interests. Nationalism and protectionism prevent sovereignty stealing “foreign entanglements.” They are vital characteristics of our founding principals, which made America Great. Minding ones own business, is profoundly conservative. ‘Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations…entangling alliances with none’, Jefferson. “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world”, George Washington. The founders were radical protectionists for good reason, it worked. Trump instinctively recognizes this basic fact.

    Hillary wants open boarders in order to homogenize the USA into a secularist humanist NAU. She will grant citizenship, with voting rights to the world’s illegally immigrating population in order to further the Leftist cause of subverting America. The growing illegal alien demographic, will ensure that no conservative Republican will ever be elected in the USA again. This is a defining election. These imported communist, socialist voters will eventually result in the eradication of the constitution. Immigrants now vote 8:2 for Progressive Democrats. They challenge American heritage, culture and law, with their non-assimilated oppositional allegiances. Obama’s and Hillary’s unconstitutional immigration policy, ensures that our enemy, Islamic radical terrorists, will invade the USA legally, with benefits. Multiculturalism intentionally creates strife and division that results in a fractured citizenship which thus necessitates more government controls and lost individual liberty. It feeds the Hegelian dialectic process of subversion that has been utilized by progressives to compromise American culture and citizen rights, since the beginning of the 1900’s. More recently, it was employed by Bush, a Progressive, to impose the unconstitutional Patriot Act, and by Clinton to gain unconstitutional WTO authority, and is seen in Obama’s unconstitutional Gay Privilege, ACA, immigration and TPP issues, among others. The endgame, is to legislate the constitution into irrelevance and thus embezzle & subvert the USA. Obama and Hillary are disciples of Alinsky, who taught these Marxist / Satanic tactics of subversion.
    Trump is a nationalist who supports the American Christian Culture of our founders and our heritage. He believes in American exceptionalism. He will shut down illegal immigration and reinstate assimilation as a requirement of legal immigration. The melting pot will be reignited. Immigrants will assimilate once again. Trump recognizes the threat of Islamic extremism, cultural Marxism and Leftist tyranny and he pledges to war against these. He clearly hates the Leftist fascism of political correctness and speech control as well as the culture war that democrats have imposed on the morality and values of Christian conservatives. The difference between Trump and Progressive RINO’s, is that he is more patriotic and more conservative on many of the most important issues.

    Hillary is a big government (Marxist/Socialist/Progressive/Fascist) who has sold favors and legislation to corporations for profit. She betrays citizen’s rights to those of multinational corporations. She intentionally leaked national secrets to enemy nations via her email server and received millions in exchange. She will expand government while limiting individual rights. She intends to implement UN Agenda 21 and will seek to take personal property. She believes that it take a communist village to raise your child. She hopes to persuade them to be a good socialist and hedonistic subjects of the Satanic New World Order. Promiscuity and immorality, equally for all.
    Trump claims he will end lobbyist bribes and crony-capitalism that he once profited from. He believes in capitalism and limited regulation buts as a pragmatist had to play by the corrupt rules in place to win. Trump has profited from the free market and wants to protect it. He believes in private property and limited government. Trump thinks that government should not destroy families or dictate the morality or welfare citizens. Trump likes the term “Christmas,” he promised to protect religious liberty and American heritage by stopping Christian oppression. He is not a village idiot like Obama or Hillary. Trump has flaws that we must acknowledge, but treason is not one of them. Trump recognizes the racist war being waged on white Christian men, by liberal progressives. He will seek to repeal racist laws that subjugate all demographics, those bigoted laws that liberals disguise as equal rights. All American citizens are created equal by God and protected under the constitution, period.

    Hillary is Obama. If you like Obama, then Hillary is more of the same. More Liberal Neocon global subjugation and subversion, that seeks to destroy the constitution and enslave Americans. Obama and Hillary are fascist racist liberals and Neocon warmongers, who claim they are antiwar and tolerant of diversity. Like Bush they create false flags to justify wars that enrich the globalist oligarchy and further Leftism. Hillary has given her life’s work to empower the oligarchy and the Washington Cartel that will further subjugate we the people under oppressive big government and unconstitutional Federal Reserve labor tax subjugation AKA slavery.
    Trump correctly says that Obama is a complete failure, a looser and an awful president. Yes I recognize the flip flop here. Trump was against the Iraq war and will be cautious about engaging in other wars. If war is necessary, Trump will be all in to win and will not politicize it. He recognizes and identifies Islamic Geo terrorism and will fight it to win. He is not a puppet of the oligarchy and thus will not be a profiteering warmonger. Trump will expose the oligarchy and dismantle the corruption in congress. Like JFK, he is supports a constitutional central bank, that returns the issuance of currency to we the people without interest. Trump recognizes that Trade tariffs will provide the funds to enable returning to our conservative pre-income tax reality. For this sin, Trump will likely suffer an assassination attempt that will be ordered by the ruling Oligarchy, just like all those before that opposes the Federal Reserve: Jackson, Kennedy, Reagan and Scalia, to name a few.

    Hillary wants to repeal the second amendment and take away American’s guns, because she is a fascist dictator and guns prevent subjugation! She will appoint SOTUS judges that will outlaw our guns and ensure funding for the continued genocide of our unborn children.
    Trump claims to be pro-second amendment. He claims that he will appoint conservative judges, like justice Scalia who will protect the second amendment, the right to life while upholding our constitution.

    Hillary is a hedonist pagan like Bill. She hates Christianity because it empowers American righteousness and is an obstacle to hegemonic globalism, secularism and relativism that she seeks. Hillary has no sense or morality whatsoever, believing it normal to lie. She lied to the parents of dead solders and to American citizens in general, regarding the Benghazi solders deaths that she caused. She is a sociopath, a pathological liar and a proud enabler of evil. Hillary will say and do anything to achieve her evil agenda.
    Trump has lived a hedonist lifestyle like millions of Americans. He cannot quote basic verses from scripture. However, he claims to be a Christian and says he will protect Christian’s religious liberties. He has engaged in several remarkable selfless acts of charity. Trump has not killed anyone, that I am aware of. Trump is for American nationalism which is predominately Christian in nature and very patriotic. His problem is one of crass loose lips, not eloquent and elaborate lies like Hillary. I will take a crass and naïve patriot, over a well informed diabolical traitor, any day of the week. Trump is somewhat malleable, Hillary is not.

    The Clinton’s are owned by special interests, bankers, corporations and oligarchy rulers. Hillary, like Obama, can never do the work of the people because she serves a different master. Hillary is a corporate crony lapdog and an oligarchy puppet. She is a Treasonous parasite that infects we the people.
    Trump is an eccentric billionaire. He is free to do as he wishes. His election and reelection hinge only upon his own merits, not puppet master campaign financiers. Trump claims that his agenda is to Make America Great Again, I believe him. This agenda he seeks at the great expense to his own posh lifestyle, because he must love America and yes because he has a yuge ego. This election process is ugly, hateful and quite unpleasant, yet he stays in. Why suffer through it, he literally could be doing anything else? Once elected, it is a thankless job that guarantees that half the population will loath him.

    Hillary is a member of the anti-American CFR and Bilderberg groups. She is the 1% oligarchy establishment elite that seeks to rule the world by enslaving the global working class. She enacted legislation that would have ensured Government cradle to grave management and reeducation of our children. She seeks big fascist government. As a Fabian socialist and cultural Marxist, Hillary desires to indoctrinate our children into her perverse anti-American hedonistic ideology. She believes that Americans are incapable of raising their own children. Like Hitler, she believes that government controlled public schools should indoctrinate and pervert America’s youth into accepting a nanny state and then a fascist New World Order.
    Trump will end globalism, which is exactly why the Establishment cabal, corporate lobbyists, main stream media and New World Oligarchy hate him. He is for free choice voucher education that returns educational powers to States and parents. Clearly Trump is for freedom of thought and speech that he so richly and crassly demonstrates. If there are dark secret cabals hidden away in the Federal Government, who better than Trump to expose them and seek justice for we the people. The dark side of the Oligarchy fears Trump for all of these reasons.

    If you are a Christian who believes in the end of times prophesy, then you will recognize that the Anti-Christ is the leader of the One World Government. The anti-Christ will bring about a global currency, like a digital RF chip embedded in your right hand that would control your identity and ability to buy and sell. This technology and legislation already exist and has passed the US congress. It will be imposed via executive order perhaps as the Amero, after the Dollar crashes. That said, anyone who supports globalism, serves the interest of the anti-Christ. Is that person more likely Hillary or Trump? Which candidate is for globalism, which one is for protectionism? Which one supports the big banks that are the Federal Reserve cabal?

    Would I have preferred a President Cruz? Yes, perhaps. Cruz is a known and proven conservative Christian commodity. My only concern about Cruz is his globalist “free trade” views. Those socialist trade agreements, imposed by an international governing body, called the UN WTO are bankrupting the USA by design and are subverting US sovereignty. I believe this flaw to ignorance on his part, not treason, but I could be wrong. That said, he is a great champion for the constitution, excepting this one issue. Unfortunately, it is a huge national security issue, that threatens America’s very existence and is subjugating American citizens. It is also unexplainably a Liberal Democratic Party policy. Obama is pushing TPP, Bill Clinton created WTO and FDR created GATT. I do not take it lightly. Regardless. Cruz is no longer an option for President, he remains an very good option for SCOTUS or another Cabinet appointment, if Trump wins. Trump would be fool, not to include Cruz and other conservative presidential candidates in his cabinet.

    Trump has the personality type of an executive. The president is called the Executive branch for a reason. This skill enables him to employ and manage the most brilliant of minds and to eliminate the Washington cartel disease that infects this office. He is a big picture guy. He is not bound by party politics and is thus free to put American’s first and dutifully remove corruption that exists in both parties. Yes, he is a “conservative” Democrat. Yet, even so he is far more conservative than our elected RINO Progressives in Congress that have funded and enabled Obama’s war on conservative Americans for the last 7-years. Trump is a patriotic American, thus his America First slogan is appropriate. Patriotism is not fascism, it should be the defining characteristic of a nation’s leader. Reagan was our last patriotic president. He put America First and was a great leader. Trump claims he will reverse Obama’s executive orders that pervert our constitution. I hope he does.

    I acknowledge that it is also possible that Trump is working the “Art of the Deal” and is merely a great con-artist seeking to elevate himself. Either way, even so, America is still better off with Trump than with Communist Clinton or Socialist Sanders, who are both known treasonous anti-American, Leftist traitors. If Trump fails to fulfill his conservative promises, we will impeach him. Most Trump supporters, are knowingly hiring an assassin to take out the Washington Cartel and Globalist Oligarchy cabal. Therefore, his many and obvious indiscretions are tolerated for now. Trump supporters are not stupid, they see this election as America’s last hope against Leftist Globalism and Democratic Party tyranny. There are millions of Republican voters who are unaware of the existential crisis that threatens America. They see only another election in which Trump is an egomaniac isolationist, bigoted liberal posing, as a conservative. Conversely, those who are part of the global cabal, and those that seek to deliberately destroy our constitution, see Trump as the greatest threat to their power ever waged by anyone. These elitists detest Trump. As for me: my enemy’s, enemies, are my allies. America’s enemies that hate Cruz also hate Trump.

    A vote for the Republican, is a vote against Hillary and her known leftist agenda. A non-vote has always been a vote for the opposition party and it’s agenda. I have not voted for a president since Reagan. Thereafter, I have had to vote against presidents by choosing the lesser of two evils. Never trump, means Hillary’s leftist globalist fascism that will be inflicted by the New World Order. A Trump vote, is a Huge step in the war against America’s Liberal enemies and a vote for restoring the constitution and preserving the USA. With Trump there is hope for American conservatism, with Hillary there is only subjugation.

    Vote for who every you want, but don’t claim to be a patriotic Christian conservative American if you elect Hillary, by not voting for Trump.

    The choice is clear.
    Never Trump, means Always Hillary and the end of the USA.

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  7. All you folks who worry that Trump may become President, can RELAX. Donald Trump is a Clinton Democrat covert operation to ruin the Republican Party. Whether there is outright COLLUSION or merely serendipity with Hillary, is immaterial – the effect is the same. Trump is systematically DESTROYING all those elements of the party that he needs to win, and he has said, more than once, that he does not need unity of the Party to win. Ergo – his version of winning is not our version of winning. Trump is putting so many negative numbers on the scoreboard, that at some point a wise person has to conclude, this is his JOB. In a normal election, the necessity of building coalitions is job one. With Trump there is NONE OF THAT. This is not Huckabee vs. Romney, or McCain vs. Bush, this is a scorched earth firestorm that is more like the Joker vs, the MOB in a Batman movie.
    When I first posited this hypothesis a few weeks ago, I stated the proof of my theory would be Trump’s willingness to utter more and more CRAZY stuff, crazy stuff that screams “simply unelectable.” He has not disappointed. Midnight twitter tantrums, proposing to end NATO, nukes for Japan, abortion walkbacks, transgender bathrooms, the list goes on, even to Dealey Plaza and the Zapruder film.
    This is the finest Hillary Clinton covert operation, since she killed Gaddafi, and took his weapons to ISIS.

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  8. utterly ridiculous. You want an end to PC without doing ANY of the dirty work necessary to root it out. Being respectful of filth and vermin like HIllary and her pals has given them an equal footing in the national discourse, when they should have eben sent packing years ago.

    How wonderful it wold have been for SENATOR CRUZ to step up to the podium to do battle with Hillary on an equal footing, and then prevail in the debate! Calling her Madamme Secretary, and the Esteemed First Lady.

    How the pundits will all evaluate the fine differences between their positions, and judge that ever so slightly, Cruz bested her, or she him.

    Trump does not intend to give her the time of day, let alone an equal footing in a race for the most coveted position in the world.

    Trump HATES PC, he despises the radical left that stopped his Chicago speech, and he despises ISIS. He is not a “nice person”. He is the Jesus that ran the moneychangers out of the temple with a whip, not the young Jesus chatting with the learned ones and impressing them, which is Cruz’ mode.

    We need someone rude and determined, not polite and hesitant.

    I pray Trump makes it and keeps his promises. Then we will have a real fight on our hands as all of the parasites struggle to keep sucking our blood.

    Following that, we will have control of world economies, world power, and peace will follow. So long as we remain strong.


    • Trump hates PC? But likes transgender bathrooms, planned parenthood, and donates to Democrats who author PC. Trump hates Republicans, and the Republican platform. Trump loves to fool the gullible.


  9. Why are you giving up so easily? Ted Cruz SUSPENDED his campaign, he did NOT TERMINATE IT! Ted Cruz’s name is still on the ballot! He can still win delegates and he retains the ones he has already won. He can still win at the Convention! DO NOT GIVE UP and urge the folks in the remaining states to vote for Ted Cruz – he is behind the scenes still racking up delegates! Ronald Reagan suspended his campaign and he still won. Trump has NOT WON THIS NOMINATION AND WE MUST NOT ALLOW THIS LYING, NARCISSISTIC, MISOGYNISTIC SLIMEBALL TO WIN IT!


    • You are so right, Tricia. All those states who have not voted need to vote Cruz! He can still do it if he just causes a contested convention.


  10. Remember that in here days, we fight a battle against powers and principalities. I certainly see the face of evil when I look at Trump. There is no chance I will side with him, even if it cost my life. For submitting to a Trump administration would cost my soul. He’s used privilege to try to throw old women out of their homes, been accused of raping 13 year olds, hired illegals to build his towers. He would sell out America for a deal with the devil if it profited him. We need to stop electing the lesser of two evils and start finding heroes again.

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  11. I came to the same conclusion of what I should do with my one vote. I’d prefer not to decide which of the two evils available to us are the lesser. Though it could be argued that we will be wasting our vote, I’m doing the same. I believe you are right to “Write-in” Ted Cruz and remain standing with those to the right. We need to lift our voices as one mighty throng and cry out to God for national forgiveness, for He is giving us precisely what we as a nation deserve. As the church, have we fumbled the ball? Repentance and a return to God’s word in adherence to His directives will bring healing to our country. Perhaps I should simply write-in “Jesus the Christ of Nazareth, and of heaven.” Pray!

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