Trump Cult Media Exposed by Steve Deace

As a writer, it can often be difficult to decide exactly what you should write about when faced with the myriad of material that presents itself on a daily basis. If one could simply pour the contents of their mind out on the page effortlessly, much more would be written and considerably more would get said. Time constrains us.

This morning I was pondering several lines of thought from which to choose my regular Friday column. Notes have been kept throughout the week, drafts were written and concepts were scrapped, yet no “cream” had risen to the top of my heart or mind. However, inspiration can come at a moments notice and when it does you had better capture it, quickly!

Enter: Steve Deace  and his Thursday CNN appearance.



Many thanks to Matt Vespa and his article at Townhall for the inspiration.

Steve Deace states during the spirited exchange that there have been no voter-less elections in Colorado (or anywhere else) and that the narrative that there has been is irresponsible and in fact an outright lie. After being chastised by the host for calling a spade a spade, or in this case calling a liar a liar, Mr. Deace ends his epic rant by shouting three times. “If I’m right she’s lying!”

This may well be the media bias shot heard round the world. It most certainly should be.

Day after day those in the media who were once simply tasked to bring the news to the people have become increasingly biased towards one political party or another. Finding an honest journalist is becoming harder and harder. Virtually everyone with a regular show on the network channels is in someone’s pocket, period.

The job of today’s “journalist” is not to bring us the news. It is not to tell us the truth. It is not to be “fair and balanced”. Their purpose is solely to keep you watching or listening to their particular program. “If it bleeds it leads” is a common industry moniker.

Most Americans are so exhausted from toiling in a failing economy that when they arrive home from their daily labor they simply flip on the TV and absorb whatever is spewed forth ( if they bother watching “the news” at all ). They take that information, however biased, skewed or blatantly false it might be, and spread it via word-of-mouth around the “water-cooler” with their co-workers the next day. The echo-chamber of misinformation has then been created and a cult of personality surrounding the talking heads that initially delivered it is birthed. “Reporters” have become the new rock-stars of our society.

Below are the reported salaries of some of our favorite talking-heads.

Matt Lauer of NBC is reported to make $25 million dollars annually.

Bill O’Reilly  of FOX $20 million

Sean Hannity also of FOX $15 million

Dianne Sawyer: ABC – $12 million

Anderson Cooper is reported paid $11 million by CNN.

It is abundantly clear that these folks have very lucrative careers keeping the American people misinformed. Remember, “If I’m Right, You’re Lying” means that both opinions cannot be true. The obvious Liberal bias of CNN has been touted for years and every Conservative knows that FOX is the go-to channel for the Republican side. Or is it?

Someone on FOX or CNN should have said to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz by now: “Wait a second Sir/Madam, If I’m right, you’re lying!” and it should be repeated to every candidate, every time something questionable is stated.

Neither side wants to ask their Party’s candidate the truly hard questions for fear of being ostracized by the cash cow(s). Many in the media, quite frankly, have been instructed not to ask hard questions by the powers-that-be within their organizations. One can sometimes see it in the once reliable faces of a scant few FOX anchors as they choke back the question that they are dying to ask.

Sadly, FOX news’ recent complicity in the perpetuation of Donald Trump’s unconstitutional and anti-conservative campaign platform has proven one of two things…

Either Fox News was never truly conservative-minded and have simply been playing the field opposite of CNN or they are intentionally trying to pull the wool over the American peoples eyes.

Both scenarios show a lack of journalistic integrity and a dangerous abuse of power.

The left wing media propagandists at CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and MSNBC have spear-headed extensive Progressive misinformation campaigns in defense of  Barrack Obama, and both Clinton’s, for decades, and have never had the integrity to say “Hey wait! If I’m right, you’re lying” to any of them.

Yesterday Steve Deace fired a shot that needs to resound throughout the media. The mustard seed of truth that was sown by his statement must grow into a deeply rooted tree of journalistic integrity.

This simple litmus test. “If I’m Right, You’re Lying” should be something that every single talk-show host, analyst or pundit bears in mind with every word we write or speak. If any public figure is not willing to apply that filter to their guests and themselves then they are either playing us for fools or are themselves enslaved by the almighty dollar.

Our Republics future lies in the hands of the people and we are ready to rise up. However, that uprising must be based upon a foundation of truth, not upon a stirring-of-the-pot by the marionettes of psychological manipulation and avarice.














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  1. Globalism is the greatest threat to the United State’s Sovereignty that has ever existed. It attacks patriotic nationalism, creates debt and imports enemy combatants. Liberalized anti-tariff trade is global socialism, not capitalism. The term Global Free Trade is a Leftist lie. The fact is that FTA’s are not capitalism or free markets, they are antithetical to these which is precisely why they were devised. It is a suicidal cancer of internationalization; it is decline by Leftist design.

    Globalism trade was created by FDR and his Leftist NWO Progressive hacks. It’s purpose was to enrich bankers, subvert American Exceptionalism and redistribute our wealth globally. There is nothing constitutionally conservative about globalism trade. In fact, it is unconstitutional on several grounds. Yet, Dease, Levin, Medved, Beck and others support it. They are thus globalist Trojan horses, working covert psychological operations to implement the New World Order. Likewise, NAFTA is a Trojan horse for the USA ending NAU.

    Jesus warned about wolves in sheep’s clothing. The wolves are being exposed now, as the Never Trump crowd. They are pretend conservatives that actually prefer Hillary, another globalist, over our founding fathers and our constitution which both mandate tariff trade to ensure US sovereignty. Tariff trade was utilized by the founders. It increased the USA share of global GDP by 32% in just 150-yrs. It made the USA a Superpower. Conversely, FDR’s Liberalized “Free Trade” Agreements have decreased that share of Global GDP by 17% in just 72-years. Tariff trade is conservative, profitable, patriotic and constitutional. It was preferred by the founders for very good reason. Liberalized globalism trade guarantees America’s demise.

    Article I, Section 8, Clause 3: United States Congress shall have power “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations”
    It does not say: Foreign governments shall regulate commerce
    It does not say: International governing bodies shall regulate commerce
    It does not say: Congress shall delegate agencies to regulate commerce
    It does not say: Congress shall delegate Presidents to regulate commerce
    It does not say: Multinational corps shall regulate commerce
    Current Globalization, Trade Liberalization employees all of these unconstitutional principals.

    Nationalism, protectionism and patriotism naturally oppose sovereignty stealing “foreign entanglements,” like FTA’s. These lost values are vital characteristics of the founding principals that made America a Super Power. Minding one’s own business and seeking ones own gain are profoundly conservative ideas. It is reaping what one sows. ‘Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations…entangling alliances with none’, Jefferson. “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world”, George Washington. The founders were radical protectionists for good reason, it is a national security issue and it worked. One nation cannot entangle itself within foreign governments or competing economies and also maintain sovereignty. Trump instinctively recognizes this basic fact, Cruz and the pretend RINO conservatives do not.

    The New World Globalists of the Right and Left all hate Trump, thus I trust Trump. My enemy’s, enemy is my friend.

    Tell me again how Trump is not conservative?


    • Very well stated. Maybe you should be running for President because you made more sense in 3 minutes than Donald Trump has in a year. I’m not voting for Hillary by the way, and never would, ever. Nor are any Never Trumpers that I know. Being fiscally conservative doesn’t make him a “Conservative.” He is socially Liberal and spiritually bankrupt.


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