Support of Israel

Another great article from Reverend Steve Williams

Founding Father's Faith Blog


In short, we should support Israel not because of Republicanism, nor Politicism, Democratism, or Conservatism, but we should lend our support to Israel because of Biblicalism. When I say Biblicalism I do not imply a particular denominational teaching, but specifically that the Bible is the unerring Word of God which we must follow; taking each word literally, excepting where it is clearly allegorical (which usually is defined by the context or is directly announced by God in the text).

It is not our place to criticize Modern Israel (to the point of not supporting them) for their corporate sin (of which I am sure there are many); our duty as believers is found throughout the Bible and none of those duties include going against the Chosen People of God Jehovah.

Unless a denomination, congregation or individual has fallen into the error of Replacement Theology (Supersessionism or Fulfillment Theology), then the Scriptures below are enough to…

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