Lyman Hall, Politician, Doctor, Pastor and Declaration of Independence Signee

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Lyman Hall

Lyman Hall was son to John Hall and Mary Street Lyman. John Hall was a prominent Connecticut resident, influential in that states early history, particularly with regards to the settlement of disputes between the Mohegan Indian tribes and the settlers. Mary Lyman was the daughter of the Reverend Samuel Street, the first Minister of Wallingford, CT and Anna Miles Street.

Lyman Hall was born April, 12th 1724; his early education included classical and theological training. In 1747 he graduated from Yale and in late December of that same year he was appointed pastor of the Church of Stratford, Ct… He then continued his study of theology under the guidance of his uncle the Rev. Samuel Hall of Cheshire, CT., He finished his studies and on September 20, 1749, he was ordained by the Fairfield West Consociation, but was ordained under the protest by eleven members of the Stratfield Parish Church…

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