Will the real Conservative media please stand up?

The White Nationalist Party and it’s defenders have emerged from their Trump induced fugue-state of the winter of 2016. For months we have bemoaned the transition of our once reliable Fox News as the go-to station for the conservative news seeker to the Trump Nationalist News Network.

I’ve lost count of how many times Ted Cruz has been cutoff mid-sentence to switch to “breaking news”, which turns out to be the equivalent of a cat stuck in a tree. Oddly, they never seem to come back to Cruz after the unnecessary preemption. I’ve lost track of how many times a Cruz victory speech has been cut short and how much time we’ve spent looking at empty Trump event stages just waiting for Donald to grace us with his presence.

Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Greta Van Susteren, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter -On and on the list of those who are clearly biased towards Trump rolls.

Fair and balanced? We think not.

It has become clear that those whom we once trusted to bring us the facts  have determined that Americans must be led to their predetermined conclusions. No differently than the Liberal media has been doing for years. Donald Trumps default reaction to every issue for which he has not been fed answers is Big Government Liberalism.


“We just can’t trust the American people to make those types of choices…. Government has to make those choices for people” ~Hillary Clinton

America knows what we want and the resounding victories of Ted Cruz since the field has winnowed to three candidates serve as proof. We want corrupt politicians and their praetorian guard media outlets to sit down and allow principled Conservatives who are well grounded in the Constitution and the Bible to stand up.

Fox News’ disdain for the only Christian left in the race is palpable. They must think that the people of God who make daily decisions using the spiritual discernment that God has given them are mindless boobs hanging on Hannity’s  every word lapping up their nonsense as “the gospel”.

Spiritual discernment aside – Do they think we can’t hear the shift in their voice tone, the subtle rolling of the eyes, the body language or any one of the myriad nervous tells that belie their true feelings on any given subject?

Just like we saw right through Trump for the sleazy, sweaty, greasy, tattooed ex-con car salesman that he is-   we have seen through you and your lack of Conservatism or care for our nation.

When faced with a Reagan you have sided with a Ford, or worse.

Talk radio remains a much better source for Conservative viewpoints, excluding of course Hannity and his Donald Trump love fest.

Yes, we know Sean, you keep touting how you “offer equal time” but we’ve all heard you bite your tongue to avoid disagreeing with Cruz and put words in Trumps mouth to make him sound competent.

If Donald Trump was Hillary Clinton Hannity would repeat the same cliff-notes style bullet points over and over again, all day, everyday.

It would sound something like this…

◄ Donated to The Clintons, Harry Reid, Chuck Shumer and John Kerry

◄ Bankrupt four times

◄ Trump University Fraud

◄ Playboy Cover

◄ Multiple Affairs

◄ Three Marriages

◄ Eminent Domain

Every Hannity radio show would begin with a soundbite of Trump gaffes and verbal blunders and five million people in America would have been convinced from day one that Trump was an incompetent imbecile. Instead the main stream media has given his campaign an estimated two billion dollars in free air-time and his popularity grows because Fox and Hannity just can’t step away from the ratings teat. Drudge, Breitbart and many other piglets of White Nationalism have wriggled up to the Trump campaign sow alongside you.

Thank God for “New Media” outlets such as Barbwire , RedState, Conservative Review, CNS News, RightScoop, Townhall and others. With so much good Conservative content out there throwing the chaff into the fire will be relatively painless.

Mark this day Fox News, Sean Hannity, Mark Simone, Ann Coulter and others. We have noted your treachery well and we will never forget. Elephants never do.


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