Rebellion: Donald Trump – Part Two

The Christian Conservatives Network

Last week a piece I wrote had the unexpected result of going micro-viral.

Thanks in no small part to the Twitterverse blowtorch located @HahnAmerica

In case you missed it…

An Open Letter to Donald Trump

The piece was the product of last weeks spiritual and emotional roller coaster regarding the Cruz/Trump war – The Melania Photo, The Heidi Re-Tweet, Mark Simone calling Ted Cruz a “sanctimonious phony” while filling in for Sean Hannity (oddly now deleted from the internet. Am I going crazy? It did happen right? ) The week finally culminated with the “breaking” of the Ted Cruz sex scandal by the National Enquirer.

The other shoe had fallen. My man was a sham, a liar- He really was “Lyin’ Ted”.

I’ll be 100% candid. I was destroyed. My spirit was broken and I went to sleep feeling betrayed and hurt. I removed the Cruz logo’s from all my…

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