Inversion of Sin

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Totally Depraved

What a difference in the teaching of theologians over the course of 250 years; sin was constantly put under the Light of the Gospel, and treated in the manner of what it is: death. In this era, rather than attacking the source, and reviling the actions of sin, the modern theologian dismisses sin, excuses sin, fabricates entire doctrines to revise the Commandments of God, to include sin, especially of the sexual nature and make sin clean.

It seems much of the modern Church has lost the vision[1] that we are utterly fallen, that our nature is entirely corrupt, and now finds what was once considered wrong, right. Many of the teachers in the Church over the last 100-years have laid waste to the doctrine that we are unable to choose to follow God or refrain from evil that we are unable to accept the gift of salvation and we are indeed slaves…

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