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Contributor Spotlight: Chris Mills


“I’m just a guy who loves Jesus –  Documenting the downfall of mankind.”

Chris Mills is the Founder and Current Editor-in-Chief of The Christian Conservatives Network.

CCN is a startup blog discussing News, Politics and Pop Culture from a Biblical World View.

Chris has served  under the same Pastor,  Rev. Steve Williams since 1993-  having served as Youth Pastor, Assistant Pastor & Worship Leader.

Mr. Mills has been an Entrepreneur and Business Manager in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area for 20+ years.

Christian, Conservative, Gun Owner and Smart Alec

Twitter Handle : @ChrisMillsCCN


About Chris Mills

Owner of CCN & The Remnantist - Editor & Contributor @ ✞ Christian 🕛 Watchman 󠁢󠁢󠀰⚡Son of Thunder ✍🏼Pundit ☕Coffee 🔫 Guns 🇺🇸 'Murica


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