Trump: Violent Projectionist

    Throughout the 2016 Election cycle it has been noted by some, yet not focused on by many, that Donald Trump has developed a “projective” relationship with many followers and surrogates alike.

Projection is defined as the unconscious transfer of one’s own desires or emotions to another person.


Trump Statement:

“I’m going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.”

A rational personal, regardless of their thoughts on immigration asks:


Trump response:

“Trust me it’s going to be beautiful”

The “how” is left to the listener to determine.

The listener is then reduced to with playing out hypothetical scenarios in their mind having never received an actual answer.

If  given the chance to address Mr. Trump a second time the questioner generally throws out a hypothetical “bone” for Mr. Trump thus providing him with an answer he did not previously have.

Example continued:


Mr. Trump there are millions of US dollar sent back to Mexico via wire transfer services like Western Union by illegal workers. Isn’t here a way to intercept, tax or tariff those transfers in order to pay for the wall?

Trump response:

That's the ticket


It is clear by now that Mr. Trump really has been making things up as he goes along.

John Lovitz would be proud.

Over and over the more-than-casual observer can easily spot these projections from Trump surrogates and detractors alike. Many say that Sean Hannity and others have been spoon feeding Trump answers since the beginning.

Trump is so prone to being projected upon that he regularly flounders to find his own position on any given issue. However, Mr. Trump also has an uncanny knack for being able to re-project emotional responses back onto his supporters. Usually rage.

Tea Party Patriots, Constitutional Conservatives, Christians, Men , Women, Blacks and Hispanics  in no small numbers (yet still only roughly 37%) have been subtly convinced that  the man to whom you (and his many surrogates) have projected your own ideals has actually held those ideals all along.

He has been able to tap into Americans obvious anger demonstrated by the Tea-Party movement of 2008 and resulting in Republican landslides in 2012 and a weakening of the Democratic choke-hold on our Government. Granted many of those elected proved weak and feckless in the face of our race-baiting African American President.

However, that is the process by which we take back our Government, not violent, forceful demonstrations fueled by misinformation and stoked by pyromancers of rebellion.

Trump , being shrewd enough to realize that Americans have short attention spans and clamor for instant results has projected an irrational rage back onto them.


We’re angry but what do we do about it?


I don’t know, but back in the day we would have carried that guy outta here on a  stretcher…”

Re-projection completed. Minions created. Rationality vacated.

Roger Stone is calling for a throwback to 1968’s “Days of Rage”! Are we really so upset in general that we would march on the RNC Convention in Cleveland and pull delegates out of their Hotel Rooms in order to bully them into voting for Trump? That’s what  Roger Stone aka “The Dirty Trickster”, Former Trump Advisor and current Trump PAC Chairman, is calling for.

Can the 37% onto whom Donald Trump has successfully re-projected violent extremism even hear themselves speak?

The path to freedom lies clearly before us and it doesn’t run through  Donald Trump, John Lovitz, or his wife – Morgan Fairchild.

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  1. As long as it fires up the American people enough that they take action at last against our domestic enemies, I favor Trump – perhaps not as POTUS, but definitely as an American force for change and renewal.


    • He has only mimicked a movement that had already begun in the Tea Party. Ted Cruz is the OG of fighting our domestic enemies. Revolution or Revival? Yes. Rebellion? No. Chaos only breeds chaos.


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