RNC Says “Down Trump, Down!” Good Boy!

The man who apologizes to no one, not even God. Spent last week walking back his comments regarding abortion, and finished the week by apologizing for the now infamous Heidi Cruz retweet in which he mocks Mrs. Cruz’ appearance. He has no respect for women, that much is clear.

Regarding abortion, he has taken  5 different positions on the subject within 5 days after being annihilated by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews in an interview where he said “Women should be punished for having  abortions”

Here are the flip flops.

1. Ban or Punish women

2. Leave abortion law to the states

3. Ban or Punish Doctors

4. Don’t change any laws

5. Overturn Roe vs Wade

Donald Trump by all accounts had the worst week, by far, of his campaign. Senator Ted Cruz upon the strength of his ground game and endorsement of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has pulled ahead of Mr. Trump by double digits in Wisconsin.

Fast forward to Saturday 4/2/2016. After an unscheduled, secret, mid-week meeting with the RNC Donald Trump did something he admittedly does so infrequently that he can’t even recall the last time he did it..

He apologized? Well, not really. He did admit that the Heidi Cruz Retweet was a mistake.

“Yeah, it was a mistake,” he said. “If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t have sent it.”

What actually happened behind those closed doors? Did the RNC and Donald Trump make a “deal”?

What was promised, what was said?

Did they ask him to try to re-unite the party he has systematically destroyed- surely handing the Election to whichever Liberal Progressive Socialist happens be nominated?

Whatever they said, Trump started the week as a pit-bull and ended it as a Pekinese.




Is Donald Trump so scared  of his campaigns now imminent collapse that he would actually stoop so low as to be civil? So much for being a tough guy. Maybe he should try doing the right thing in the first place next time.

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  1. If Reince Priebus is to be believed, and I think he’s a more reliable source than Trump, the meeting was to make clear the party picks its nominee, not just voters. Trump was given information on how delegates are chosen in different states, and ways in which the rules of the GOP convention (not yet written) ultimately determine who wins, not just primary and caucus results. For example, rule 40b (which could be discarded or re-written) currently requires any presumptive nominee to have won 8 states by more than 50%, which Trump hasn’t done despite his lead in votes and delegates.

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    • One would assume he already knew that, or should have at least. Wait, what am I saying. Neither Trump nor his minions know that much about the process. They are already clamoring that delegates are being “stolen”. Prayerfully the 5 million man mob that Roger Stone called for doesn’t descend on Cleveland.

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