Rebellion: Donald Trump – Part Two

Last week a piece I wrote had the unexpected result of going micro-viral.

In case you missed it…

An Open Letter to Donald Trump

The piece was the product of last weeks spiritual and emotional roller coaster regarding the Cruz/Trump war – The Melania Photo, The Heidi Re-Tweet, Mark Simone calling Ted Cruz a “sanctimonious phony” while filling in for Sean Hannity (oddly now deleted from the internet. Am I going crazy? It did happen right? ) The week finally culminated with the “breaking” of the Ted Cruz sex scandal by the National Enquirer.

The other shoe had fallen. My man was a sham, a liar- He really was “Lyin’ Ted”.

I’ll be 100% candid. I was destroyed. My spirit was broken and I went to sleep feeling betrayed and hurt. I removed the Cruz logo’s from all my social media sites and retired for the evening, feeling like a fool.

I dragged myself out of bed the following morning,  propped my eyelids open and starting scanning the internet for proof that the flawed “man-of-god” in whom I had felt led of God to place my hope, was in fact, a liar.

What I found was the exact opposite. David J. Pecker (Owner of the Enquirer) was a Trump supporter and long time friend. Buzzfeed, Politico and the Washington Times had all passed on the story weeks before and only Infowars had been willing to take the chance of being sued by running  it. They did and no one noticed.

If Alex Jones is the only one willing to run a story…

There was nothing here to see.This was no breaking story. This was a trumped up (pun intended) hatchet job by a Trump henchman released strategically to create a viral hashtag for the weekend. There were no witnesses, no video  and everyone involved denied everything vehemently.

The Trump campaign was “wagging the dog” again. It was another Trump lie!

I went into a rage and wrote the aforementioned piece.


ralphie  Upon it’s completion I felt much like “Ralphie” from “A Christmas Story” must have felt after thrashing “Scott Farkas”.




A week removed from the fracas and several eye-opening reads later I realized that it was not Donald Trump with whom I was angry that morning. It was the “Father of Lies” that had my ire up. Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, The Prince of the Power of the Air, The Son of the Morning- cackling as he destroys America at the hands of a useful idiot – Donald J. Trump.

Ephesians 6:12 (ESV)  For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

It seemed that the weekend had the same effect on many people. We’d had enough! We could stay silent no more! I call it the “week of open letters” because there were many.

I have linked below 2 of my favorites.

I highly recommend reading both pieces before continuing further, they refer to Trump as An actor playing the role of “President Trump” and the Master Seducer .

Great articles written by writers more talented than I, both with direct contacts to Trump, revealing the means and causes by which the devilish conclusions of my letter would be achieved.


But seriously folks…

America (and Israel) have always been given choices by God. We are his children. One by birth and one by adoption. We are the only two nations in the history of the world whose very existence is based on a Covenant relationship with Him in the Mayflower Compact

God, Jehovah, Yahweh, Elohim, The Ancient of Days. Not allah, not buddha, not krishna and not lucifer.

The United States has gone the way of the prodigal son-  desirous of squandering our worldly wealth on revelry instead of focusing on our eternal reward. We have sought to stray from him, sow our wild oats and live as we please. Our loving Father let us go, he stood at the gate, tears streaming down His cheeks as he watched us walk away.

School Prayer, Abortion, Pornography, Drunkenness, Christianity Defamed, Scriptures Re-written,  Gay Marriage, Islamic Apologetics, Wealth Re-Distribution, Government Overreach-  We are giving ourselves over to tyrants, willingly.

Sometimes when we complain and murmur enough, God gives us what we want.

Exodus 16, Deuteronomy 18:16

He has placed before us two choices. Donald J. Trump & Ted Cruz. GOP Establishment trickery aside, those are our choices. One represents the product of our murmuring and indeed the destruction that we have brought upon ourselves by our wandering. The other , although imperfect, represents our best hope at a National return to holiness. We do not know the hearts of men, fully. Nor can we, but we are required to do our best, with prayerful consideration, to choose wisely.

America is angry. Angry enough for rebellion.

James 1:20 says: “..the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God.

What we need is a revival leading to a revolution, not a rebellion.

This week Trumps former advisor and long time friend of 30 years Roger Stone called for 5 Million “Trumpeteers” to descend upon Cleveland at the RNC Convention to protest if he doesn’t get the nomination. Remember that Trump still needs to get 1237 delegates, that’s how it works and that’s how it has worked for a long time. Abraham Lincoln won on the second ballot of a contested convention, and Ronald Reagan nearly beat Gerald Ford in 1976 under a similar circumstance. If he comes up short we move to the next part of the process. No protest can change that.

The population of Cleveland is 400,000 people. Such a throng would cripple the city, chaos would ensue and you know some crazy George Soros funded militants will show up. Incidentally Soros loaned Trump $160M at one point.

One gun shot, one firework, one punch and we have a massacre on our hands, potentially leading to a Civil War. A scheme perpetuated by billionaires at the expense of the American people.

It sounds to me as if they are cleverly crafting a coup to overthrow our nation with violence. Kinda like the two old rich white guys who ruined Dan Ankroyd’s life over a $1 wager in “Trading Places”, except this isn’t funny.

Stones comments are at roughly minute 57:00 .


Rebellion– noun: an act of violent or open resistance to an established government or ruler.

What does the Bible say about rebellion?

1 Samuel 15:23
Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness as bad as worshiping idols….”

The original text for the word “witchcraft” is Pharmakeia 

From which we get our modern word regarding drugs. Pharmaceutical .

Rewriting the text of 1 Samuel 15:23 in the original Hebrew  would loosely translate to.

Stubbornly rising up in violence is witchcraft!

Is it any wonder no one can talk any sense to die-hard Trump supporters? They are intoxicated by rebellion. Mystified by the magic of our Nations drunkenness and murmuring.

The USA is clamoring for change- desiring to come back through  our Father’s open gate but having no idea which way is “home”. America is Trump-drunk and have not yet awoken from their stupor, face down in the pigsty of the choices we have made.

The Almighty stands at the gates longing to welcome us home- to place His signet ring back on our finger and throw a feast in honor of our return to the house of the King of Kings, not the Mar- a-lago club.

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