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An Open Letter to Donald Trump


Dear Mr. Trump,

I, like many Americans, welcomed you into the foray of this years political race. We were fair, we were open-minded, we were even excited for your campaign, although , truth be told, we probably all had our concerns.

Seventeen candidates took the stage in the early debates. Nearly every conceivable demographic was represented. The party that had long been demonized by the Liberal Media as rich, white racists had changed. The GOP was the party of diversity. We seemed to be breaking the stereotypes!

The Liberal media attacked you immediately, calling you a narcissistic clown, a joke, a bankrupted billionaire that feasted on the weak, an orange spray-painted buffoon  and we took up for you. We defended you. We brought you into our homes and some even brought you into their hearts. We were, after-all, on the same side , right? Divisions between the GOP Establishment and the “outsiders” was, and is, a real thing, but in the end we were all out to stop the Liberal Progressives from sending us off a Constitutional cliff from which we may never recover.

The Twitterverse and the Blogosphere were alight with Conservatives from all campaigns lighting up the Liberals. Oh we were a force to be reckoned with!

Then you went into attack mode. You started systematically eliminating those whom you deemed as “weak”, not based on your ability to articulate your positions, but upon your willingness to say the most outrageous thing that came to mind. You speak to the American people using words of a third grade level (the lowest of any Candidate.) When questioned about the outrageous thing you just said, you would double down, and double down again leaving the entire media a buzz with the nonsense coming from your mouth. You even changed your stance 3 times in the span of 5 minutes on National TV and your supporters ignored it!

Those of us that had been fighting the Liberal agenda for years, decades, our entire lives found those new to the game completely irrational, in some cases completely blind to your faults. It was astounding!

Obama divided the nation, then you divided the only force that could stop him. Conservatism.

One by one your opponents fell.

“What will Trump say next!?”

“What will he do next!?”  The media guessed.

How many insults will he sling at the studied, principled conservatives; the brothers in arms that have stood side-by-side on the Senate floor and in the States that the people of America elected them to Govern,  doing their best to fight a delusional would-be Dictator bent on the destruction of our nation with his “Hope and Change.” Fighting an uphill battle within a system that was broken, a corrupt system, a system that you know all too well. Reportedly you have been contributing to and reaping the benefits of that corrupt system for 40 years. You claim you owe nothing to lobbyists, but based on your perceived actions you are a lobbyist! By your own admission, you have traded money for political influence in order to grow your brand your whole life. That’s what lobbyists do.

Your long-time friend Roger Stone first approached you about running for President in 1987, according to sources. You registered as a Republican. He approached you again in 2000. You considered it in 2008, and finally did run in 2015. As a Republican. 8 months ago you were still a Liberal in actions. Have you suddenly had a change of heart? Have you had a change of heart without ever asking God for forgiveness? I think not.

The list of Liberal Progressives that you have donated to, the mafioso’s you have done business with, the affairs , the scandals, the pornography, the Playboy covers, the bankruptcies, the scams, the con-games and the “playing to peoples fantasies” are your legacy Donald, not your name, not your company. It is all dung Sir. No man can serve God and Mammon (Money.)

Your former advisor Mr. Stone, not surprisingly, seems to be behind your latest con-job, your deplorable gas-lighting of Senator Ted Cruz.  In my minds-eye I imagine you grinning like  a Cheshire cat as you lay the trap. Enraptured in the ecstasy of your own narcissism.

Yet behind your eyes is fear, oh yes, there is insecurity. The man whom you’ve opted to smear, is the same man with whom you refuse to debate one on one – Ted Cruz. It was far easier for you to fill 1/17th of a 3 hour program with your “policies” than it would be 1/2 of those same 3 hours. Senator Cruz could talk for an hour and a half on the subtle nuances of toenail clipping without stopping for a drink! It’s no wonder you fear him, you should. He is the type of man who exposes, and deposes men like you.

You see Mr. Trump, I know you. We, the American people, know you. We’ve seen your behavior before in the drunken father, the abusive stepfather, the bully, the batterer, the manipulator, the mental and physical abuser. Your mannerisms are that of a brute. We’ve  looked into eyes like yours before Sir, and those who remember those eyes would do well to tell others!

By all accounts you have been proven to be a  liar and a deceiver.

However, you have done something far more dangerous than just lie to the American people. Your pandering has given them hope, a false hope. The troubled teen from the 1960’s who went off to fight in Vietnam only to be spit on by the Socialists back home upon their return. He sees a glimmer of hope in your words. A glimmer of hope that you actually care about him, but you don’t, or at least you didn’t. You legally dodged the draft that scarred them for life, repeatedly.

You were the “fortunate son” about whom Credence Clearwater Revival sung:

It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no millionaire’s son, no, no
It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate one, no

Those veterans now battle addictions that have gripped them for the last 50 years, the PTSD that still cripples them and the poverty that consumes many of them. In my opinion your rhetoric has filled their heads with visions of sugarplums. You’ve taken advantage of their weakness and for that  Almighty God is fitting a millstone to hang around your neck.

Your proposed tariffs are a recipe for disaster, the last time such lunacy was employed it led to the great depression, a nightmare those aforementioned Vietnam Veterans parents lived through.  The Chinese Government owns 1.25 Trillion Dollars in US debt , if you push them, they will simply foreclose. You are a Real Estate mogul, surely you know that.

How will you make 12 million people leave the country Sir? Most Americans are not for Amnesty, and neither am I, but what is the p-l-a-n?

What will the businesses do when 75% of their workforce is gone on Monday morning? Hire new people?

What do they do when you let the ones you forcefully deported return? Fire the American citizens that they hired to replace them?

Do we then have 12 million homeless, unemployed immigrants running around?

Touchback Amnesty is your actual position, yet all your followers hear is “Build the wall!” & “Deport the Mexicans!”

You have proposed to make peace between terrorists (Palestine) and the terrorized (Israel), yet you pretend to be tough on terror. Don’t you realize the ideologies of Palestine and ISIS are the same? The little Satan and the great Satan must both be destroyed according to their radical teachings. It is a spiritual divide. It is a  4000 year old feud that will not be resolved until Christ’s return, but you think you can “make the deal”.

One by one your policies fail under scrutiny, yet they tickle the ears of the uninformed, those drunk on the wine of your bravado; those medicated to cope with the scars of war; the elderly struggling to make it through each day and the young person hoping against hope that you will “Make America Great Again!” Substance, however, eludes you. Admittedly, you are your own advisor and you are currently fresh out of actual ideas.

My America, our America, is still great Donald J. Trump. We have nearly gone over the edge, but we are not dead yet. Our brave men and women in uniform have fought to keep us free and our first-responders are in the trenches daily battling the racial divide perpetuated by people whom you have called friend. The blood of our Founders still flows in our veins, we will resist, we will rise up, we will battle back, and we will do it in spite of people like you, not because of you.

Your goons manhandle women at your rallies, and deny it, even when caught on film.

Your advisors allegedly “leak” utter fabrications to trash media publications (also run by your goons) then feign innocence.

You repeatedly lie, lie, and lie some more, and then accuse your opponents of lying!

Saul Alinsky 101: Accuse your opponent of what only you are doing, as you are doing it, to create confusion.

I can envision you dictating these actions from afar, trusting only your sons and a few very close advisors, much like a third world dictator would. As I said before Donald Trump, we know your kind . We’ve seen faces like yours before my friend, throughout history. Hitler, Mussolini, Castro, Hussein, and Stalin had similar traits. Each rose to fill a need in a populace that was hurting and then turned them into slaves for their own gain.

It is my opinion that you are the laughable Bozo that became the devilish Pennywise before our very eyes and millions of Americans believe that they want you, ie; “It” to be their Commander – in – Chief.

I hate to say it, but it seems as if the Liberals were right. Maybe you are a narcissistic clown, a joke, a bankrupted billionaire that feasts on the weak, an orange spray-painted buffoon , but we took up for you. We defended you. We took you into our homes and our hearts.

God forgive us.

What have we done?

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